The Chainsmokers on Path to Making Dance Chart History

While The Chainsmokers are busy pumping out brand new singles, their debut album Memories… Do Not Open doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

The first album from the electronic duo has held on to its place at No. 1 on Billboards Dance and Electronic Albums chart. It’s been there for so long that it’s now tied with one of the Gorillaz’s most celebrated albums ┬áDemon Days for third longest at the top of this chart.

Both have been listed in the top spot 34 times, but considering Demon Days debuted back in 2005 it’s unlikely that this Gorillaz’s album will get the honor again. But Memories…Do Not Open, which only premiered last April, could have some life left in it, meaning the Gorillaz’s favorite may be shoved down to the fourth spot as this album continues to garner attention.

In the year since their debut album, The Chainsmokers have found ways to keep some of the attention for themselves as groups like Above & Beyond, Kygo, and William Control have made attempts to gain the most visibility on the Billboard charts. Then there was the resurgence of Avicii’s work following the news of his death. But these upsets in the Billboard order have been mere detours on the way towards making history for The Chainsmokers.

About The Chainsmokers:

American EDM duo, The Chainsmokers, made their way onto the electronic music scene in 2014 and made a name for themselves with the release of the hit single “#Selfie.” A series of successful singles made for a quick path to fame, taking the duo up the Billboard charts. “Don’t Let Me Down” even earned them an award for Best Dance Recording at the Grammy Awards in 2017.

Drew Taggart and Alex Pall met each other through their mutual manager Adam Alpert. In need of partners to assist in their music projects, Taggart and Pall formed The Chainsmokers. Pall has previously worked as a professional songwriter in addition to being a classically trained pianist. Taggart, also a songwriter for recording artists, has produced several albums before forming the group.

Alex Pall bares his soul on the newest single from the Chainsmokers

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart are two halves of the DJ and production duo known as the Chainsmokers. After a string of hit singles, they released a new track, “Closer,” but what makes this song different from any of their previous work is Alex Pall sings on the track alongside Halsey. Recently, Mathias Rosenzweig sat down with the pair to discuss their music, establishing their identities, and how they plan to grow and change as the music industry evolves.

They talked about how it can take a while for new songs to reach their audiences across the nation and so they only release new content at certain intervals to accommodate that lag. While it is unusual for DJ’s to sing on their own songs, the pair say they make no apologies for providing their own vocals for the song, “Closer.” Because the song is written with them in mind, they felt it only appropriate for Alex to be the one who sang it. When asked about working with Halsey, they had nothing but praise for the 23-year-old singer/songwriter, remarking on her uniqueness and individuality.

They also spoke about how their audience has expanded from 16 to 25-year-olds to an almost universal demographic. They feel very lucky to have such a passionate and dedicated fanbase, and they certainly don’t take it for granted. They also talked about how important it is to keep pushing themselves and trying different things as their careers continue. Additionally, the duo mentioned how they take pride in performing all of their music live as not every artist can say that. And rest assured they’re not going anywhere.

They discussed how a lot of artists take a few years off and then try to make a comeback but it’s just not the same as it was. So they fully intend to remain on the forefront pushing the envelope and experimenting with new styles and forms of music everyday. And we wish them the best of luck in their careers and in their futures. Whatever comes next, we look forward to hearing what kind of music they have in store for us.