A comprehensive Memoir of Edwin Miranda

Edwin Miranda is a renowned business administrator, entrepreneur, and marketer. He is the intellect behind the success of KOI IXS, a prominent marketing agency serving the global market. KOI IXS helps its global clients to acquire new customers, increase their brand visibility, as well as establish strong customer relations.

But, how did Miranda advance from a fresh graduate to a prominent business manager? Edwin Miranda started his career just after completing his undergraduate studies from the Inter American University of Puerto Rico.

After completing his studies, NATCOM GLOBAL appointed him as its promotions advisor. Mr. Miranda doubled NATCOM’s revenue within six months, and he helped the company to acquire 25% more clients. Miranda served NATCOM GLOBAL for two years.

In 1993, Edwin Miranda transferred his services to Angelo Medina Entertainment, an artist management company serving Latin America’s top artists. He teamed up with other executives to organize events, make business plans, as well as streamline the agency’s business operations. Miranda held the role for one year.

In 1994, Edwin Miranda teamed up with other likeminded marketing experts to co-found KOI IXS, a leading marketing agency in the world. Different from ordinary marketing agencies, KOI IXS uses cutting-edge technology, advanced analytics, and consumer-driven insights to create effective marketing plans.

Into the bargain, Mr. Miranda’s marketing agency collaborates with a team of experienced brand designers, thought leaders, and business strategists who guide their clients through the competitive business market. “Our team provides our customers with the edge they need to outwit their competitors,” says Edwin Miranda.

Apart from his executive role at KOI IXS, Miranda serves as the president of iCrossing, a Puerto Rico based marketing agency. ICrossing collaborates with over 900 experts who formulate superior marketing solutions for their clients. Moreover, the agency produces marketing content, and it offers editorial services.

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