Julie Zuckerberg: A Career in the Talent Recruitment Business

Big organizations have been known to hire only the best new talents to occupy vacant positions in their institutions. As a result of this, Julie Zuckerberg has made a name for herself as one of the most successful talent recruiters for the many organizations that are seeking fresh talent. Due to her success for having a keen eye for the most talented recruits, she has had the opportunity to work for some of these big organizations as their executive talent recruitment expert. As an example, she is currently employed as both the Vice President and Executive talent recruiter at Deutsche Bank.


In addition to her work, Julie Zuckerberg also involves herself in the training of others who intend in joining the same career line as her. Her practice mainly focuses on teaching one on how to manage and acquire new talent. In addition to her qualification as a recruiter, she has a vast knowledge in succession planning, employee training, interviewing skills, conflict resolution and applicant tracking among so many. Her innovativeness in recruitment has seen her use many platforms to be able to attract some of the many employees for these organizations. The principles include her using social media, internet searches, referrals from other employees and also direct sourcing to be able to obtain only the best talents. Julie Zuckerberg success in the talent recruitment business has been aided by her solid educational background that eventually nurtured her interest as a recruiter. At the City University of New York-Brooklyn College, she had an opportunity to major in Philosophy before proceeding to Law School. At New York Law School she did her graduate-entry degree in law and was able to graduate with a degree as Doctor of Jurisprudence.


Julie’s career has been one that has gradually progressed over the years. She first started working at Hudson where she was the director of candidate placement a position she was able to hold for five years in a row. Through this position, she successfully led Hudson to go on to recruit some of its best staff for prominent organizations including attorneys, paralegals, and case managers. When she finally left Hudson in 2007, she went on to join Citi Global Functions. At Citi Global, she became its Executive Recruiter and its Vice President, and through her position, she went on to assist in the executive recruitment of very senior level staff both in the legal compliance and the auditing fields. She was also able to help CitiCards to recruit its managing director. Before joining Deutsche Bank in 2015, she had previously worked for four months as the executive recruiter at New York Life Insurance Company. Her position at Deutsche Bank she plays a big towards the management of the professional talent recruitment team. Her work also entails collaborating with other leaders from Private Wealth and Commercial Clients, Global Technology, and Operations which go hand in hand in easing the acquisition of talents globally.




Into the Woods and Out with Knowledge

Located in central southern England, within the New Forest National Park, sits Ashurst Lodge, home to the Wessex Institute of Technology (WIT), both an educational and research institution. Created by Professor Carlos Brebbia in 1986, WIT succeeded the Computational Mechanics Institute established in 1981.The Institute’s activity is three-pronged: Research, Conferences and Publishing. It is through these areas that their aim of developing an information exchange between academics and professional users within industry, prompting trans-disciplinary research, are met.

This is done by knowledge transfer mechanisms, serving the international science community.Wessex holds 20 to 25 conferences a year in conjunction with other universities and organizations. The Prigogine Metal is awarded yearly during the WIT conference program. This award was began in memory of Ilya Prigogine, Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry.The publishing arm of the Institute is WIT Press which publishes journals, specialized research papers, edited works and conference happenings.

Doug Levitt Expands his Abilities as an Artist

When it comes to art, there are many different types of artists. Some artists tend to stick with one area of art. However, there are others that take the time to expand to different arts so that they can grow. There is no wrong way and no artist is better than the other for how many different forms of art they take on. One person that has expanded into different areas of art from singing and songwriting is Doug Levitt. He has went from singing and songwriting to working on his novel which tells the story of struggling Americans and read full article.

Even though he has written his novel called The Greyhound Diaries, this didn’t stop him from writing and singing. As a matter of fact, he has taken some of the stories that he has written and converted them into songs. This is very creative in that people who may not be able to buy or read The Greyhound Diaries might be able to hear some of the stories that have been told in his book. These stories that are sung in his music are quite inspiring. They provide an unflinching look at the struggles of Americans. There is a surprising amount of abuse that they are put through because of their economic status and learn more about Doug.

The one thing that inspired this project is the compassion Doug Levitt has for people. He not only wanted to put together something that is very unique and memorable, he also wanted to shine a light on an issue that has been ongoing in America and the world. The people who are struggling or at a disadvantage are often left and forgotten. They are treated as if they are not human or if they have decided that they wanted to be struggling and destitute. Fortunately, Doug has stories that could show that the struggling are every bit as diverse as others and contact him.

Jim Tananbaum Thrives on Commitment to Innovation

In an interview with Ideamensch, Jim Tananbaum, the founder and CEO of Foresite Capital Management, gave insights on what he considers the highs and lows of his career path. Jim said that commitment and diligence are at the core of everything he sets his mind to do. Having learned that other people’s views can give a different perspective to a project, he knows that they should not be the determinant of what one intends to achieve. Jim says that it’s about disruption, not convention. Jim added that if he were to start over, he would depend more on what he thought was best for business advancement as opposed to what was conventional. Visit Medium to know more.

Jim Tananbaum graduated with an MBA and an MD from Harvard while he got his Masters of Science from MIT. With over 27 years of experience being investment strategist majoring in healthcare venture capital and investments, Jim believes that this is the best investment field for interested investors. Tananbaum has co-founded GelTex Pharmaceuticals, Theravance Inc., and Prospect Venture Partners. He also co-founded Sierra Ventures. Driven by the passion to merge his investment interests in healthcare, Jim has since moved on to form Foresite Capital, which has been featured in Forbes Midas List for the third year in a row.

Something that remains a signature in all he undertakes is the relationship he creates and maintains. The partnerships he has had in the business are connected to his passion for better healthcare. He has had fruitful collaborations with his mentors and colleagues both in college and at work. Jim has not only made sure that he makes the right connections with the people he works with, but he makes sure that his work does not overshadow his family and social life. He ensures that he spends quality time with his family and friends. His dream is to see that every individual has access to affordable healthcare.

Check out his About.me

Click here: https://plus.google.com/101361055863778462660

New Secretary of Education has Championed Educational Reform for Years

When President Trump nominated Betsy DeVos to serve as the 11th Secretary of Education, he was responding to the nearly 30 years she has spent working to reform the system to expand the educational opportunities of all children, especially the most underserved. And this is just a part of her many philanthropic activities. Both Betsy and her husband Dick DeVos had engaged in many philanthropic activities, especially related to education. According to an interview published by Philanthropy Roundtable in 2013, when nobody would have bet a dime on the chances of her becoming Secretary of Education, she said her political activism dates back to her days at Calvin College. For six years she chaired the Michigan Republican Party. In 2006 her husband became the Republican nominee for governor of Michigan, but lost the general election. Visit Betsy’s profile page on Facebook.

Dick DeVos began his business career with Amway, the company his father Richard DeVos co-founded. In 1989, however, Dick and Betsy founded a privately held holding company, Windquest Group. Betsy serves as its chairman. Dick continued with Amway and other ventures for years, before devoting himself fulltime to running Windquest. Together Dick and Betsy Devos are active in a wide variety of philanthropic activities through the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. However, it is true that school choice is a recurring theme in the organizations they choose to donate to. They have donated to the Alliance for School Choice, Foundation for Excellence in Education and the American Federation for Children, where she served as chairman.

Therefore, it’s appropriate that in the interview DeVos says she’s never been more optimistic about the future of school choice. At that time there were around 250,000 students in choice programs in seventeen states. She doesn’t fail to mention that support for school choice is growing probably because public schools are failing. Betsy DeVos explains her dedication to school choice began with she and Dick visiting Potter’s House Christian School many years ago. It serves low-income children in Grand Rapids. She was impressed by how the parents of those children fought to get their children into a safe environment where they could learn. They had school-age children themselves, and had the financial resources to send them to any school. She wondered why the low-income parents willing to sacrifice to pay tuition for their children shouldn’t have the same choice? They helped some individual families and financed scholarships, but she realized that didn’t address the fundamental problem. She started the Great Lakes Education Project to reform education in Michigan by expanding charter schools. That was so successful, her friends said they needed to take that national, which was the beginning of the American Federation for Children. They organized that as an umbrella organization to include the Alliance for School Choice and the American Federation for Children Action Fund. Visit betsydevos.com to know more about Betsy.

The Copa Star Stands Above Other Hospitals In Look And Style

There are several aspects of the medical field that provide people with an awareness of how the medical field follows a rich tradition. One of the most well known aspects of the medical field is the hospital. The area of the medical field that many people have some knowledge of is the hospital. From a personal experience, many people have either been in a hospital or know someone who has been in a hospital. Visit their Facebook page.

The tradition of the hospital goes back many decades. The medical profession has been associated with the hospital since the beginning of the hospital concept. The idea of providing medical care for patients is closely associated with the hospital. The design and structure of the hospital revolves around providing medical care. This design and structure has remained basically the same since the start of the hospital.

However, there are various aspects of the hospital that have changed somewhat over the past couple of decades. The reasons why the hospital has changed somewhat over the past few decades are numerous. One of the main reasons is because the hospital has become a central focus of the medical field in relation to business. For many decades, the hospital was thought of mainly as a place where medical care was provided for people in need.

The idea of business and the hospital was not mentioned a lot in the medical profession beyond core business practices. This started to change as the leadership in hospitals started to change. There is more of a variety of leadership in hospitals now compared to years earlier. Some of the new leadership places more emphasis on business. Therefore, many of the traditional thoughts about the hospital are changing from the inside.

A hospital that is showing some of the changes that are happening with hospitals is Copa Star. A hospital located in Brazil, Copa Star is a hospital that gives people a totally different idea of the concept of the hospital. The Copa Star has an appearance that is far removed from the traditional look of the hospital. The Copa Star has a look that reminds people of a magnificent hotel rather than a hospital. View the design at rafarquitetura.com.

The Copa Star has a look that demands attention. The Copa Star makes people think of luxury and first class service, which is what the owners of the Copa Star want people to think about in relation to the hospital. The owners of the Copa Star built the hospital with the idea of making it a unique hospital with a luxury appearance.

Although the Hospital Copa Star has an amazing appearance, the owners of the Copa Star built it with the goal of making the Copa Star the best hospital in Brazil based on the quality of the medical care provided at the hospital.

Learn About Investing From Larry King And Michael Reagan

You may have been told to invest in gold at some point in your life. Maybe you’ve heard of Larry King before, or seen him interviewing a world-famous personality on television. Well, now you can learn exactly how to invest your money in the American economy from this great man himself alongside a few titans in the gold investment industry.

According to Bloomberg, The U.S. Money Reserve is a prestigious private distributor of gold, silver, and other precious metals legal tender products in the United States. The U.S. Money Reserve is based in Austin, Texas. This company serves hundreds of thousands of investors through continuous valuation on prices of precious metals for investment growth.

The U.S. Money Reserve has put together a television show titled “The 2016 Gold Summit” based in Los Angeles, California featuring Larry King and Michael Reagan as moderators and hosts to bring viewers the truth about the benefits of investing in U.S gold, the current state of the financial markets, and factors that cause bear and bull markets in U.S gold.

This private company was established in 2001. The U.S. Money Reserve has created financial products that deliver the highest profits in gold, silver, and other precious metals for investors both new and advanced.

Michael Reagan is the son of beloved former President Ronald Reagan. President Reagan believed in the American economy as a place for American citizens to invest their money. He advocated U.S gold as a way to grow one’s wealth alongside the American economy. His eldest son Michael Reagan is a dynamic addition to Larry King in this television show.

The three panelists on the 2016 Gold Summit are President of U.S. Money Reserve Philip Diehl, Master Numismatist of the U.S Money Reserve John Rothans, and former Vice President of Sales Brad Castillo.

This informative broadcast will help thousands take control of their financial future, educating them on the many benefits of investing in the American economy. This is a very special moment in financial broadcast history because of the dynamic, esteemed cast and is a special treat for those interested in financial investment news and the precious metals market.

Name Dropping–Why a Strong Name Is Relevant to Your Online Rep

I’ll start this article off with a question: what’s in a name? A name can actually be more valuable than the dollars generated as a strong, reputable name carries potential to be widely known, respected, or even feared (in terms of authority).

What we do online whether it’s simply leaving a comment on a Youtube video or that 160 character rant you decided to tweet out gradually adds or subtracts to your name’s definition. Without restraint or exercising strategic expression, we could sabotage our ability to reach people which will only damage our earning potential.

In an article titled How to Protect Your Online Reputation in 2017 by Ryan Erskine, he defines our online reputation as “the information people find about you online.” He further establishes that hiding behind privacy settings and shady usernames is a false fail safe if your name is tarnished by anonymous sources and unknown entities.

Then What’s the Solution?

Content. Genuine, hardcore, well created content produced by you and for you. Content that you control; content that demonstrates your expertise, knowledge, care and contribution that will elevate others.

“Content is king” is said so much now that its core meaning is almost watered down. However, when it comes to building a solid name that can greatly appreciate in net value, then content needs to be crowned king. In today’s society, it’s almost a necessity. But the content you produce has to focused and purposed. If the content created is randomly hashed out, pure emotional responses, and unintelligent commentary, then you are harboring an online rep that says, “I’m just another internet troll with nothing to do.”

So when people think of your name, what comes to mind? How is Google defining your name? What electronic paper trail have you fed Google, YouTube, blog sites, and social media that leads back to people understanding who you are?

If you have not bothered to control your online narrative in the past, then it’s time to now to begin treading lightly for the story of your future.

Betsy DeVos: Leader in Reforming America’s Educational System

Having been raised by a school teacher, Betsy DeVos’ interest in education began at a young age. But it wasn’t until her own children reached school age that her passion for education reform was truly sparked. Betsy realized that not all children in America were afforded the same educational choices. After spending 15 years in the school system as a mentor to at-risk children in Michigan she decided that she wanted to be more involved with educational reform

Betsy graduated from Calvin College with a Bachelor in Art’s Degree. Working with her husband, Dick DeVos, she has spent the last three decades working to create more opportunities for low income families. Betsy does not believe that a child should be limited to what school they attend simply by their zip code or family income. Visit Betsy’s profile page on Facebook.

The DeVos’ first began their educational philanthropy with the Potter’s House Christian School in Grand Rapids. They believed that every family should have the choice of where their children went to school. But they also realized that not every family could afford to send their children to the Potter’s House.

In the ’90’s Betsy Devos sat on the boards of two charities that were working for more educational choices. During this time she saw the benefits of the voucher and tax credit programs. Both of these options were successful in Michigan and led her to take them to a national level. She went on to become the chairman of the American Federation for Children. The AFC oversees other educational reform programs such as the American Federation for Children Action Fund and the Alliance for School Choice.

Betsy DeVos was appointed the 11th Secretary of Education in February, 2017. Before that she sat on numerous boards including Kids Hope USA, the Kendall College of Art and Design and the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. Her dedication and hard work has led to more educational choices for children in 25 states and the District of Columbia. Visit betsydevos.com to know more about Betsy.

Dr. Rick Shinto Enhances InnovaCare’s Success

InnovaCare Health seeks to provide quality medical care to all its clients. To achieve this objective, the company ensures that its staff is made up of highly qualified professionals who are able to enhance the growth of the company.

InnovaCare Health focuses on augmenting teamwork among its employees. To this end, the corporation encourages employees to maintain healthy working relationships, uphold proper communication, and have a clear vision. Rick Shinto, the company’s president, is credited for coordinating the various functions of the company.

The health insurance company is made up of two core affiliates, which are based in Puerto Rico. They are PMC Medicare Choice Inc. and MMM Health Care Inc. These organizations focus on promoting physical and emotional well-being of their clients through the provision of high-quality health care programs. According to recent data, the satisfaction rate among the company’s customers stands at 90 percent. The excellent services offered by these two affiliates saw them receive the NQCA accreditation in 2011. This accreditation is proof of the company’s outstanding efforts towards customer protection and developing quality programs. This information was originally reported on Hackronym as explicated in the following link http://hackronym.com/rick-shinto-innovacare-healths-team-and-reach/

Rick Shinto has made significant changes at InnovaCare. His close working relationship with other professionals such as Penelope Kokkinides has resulted in the development of world-class products and viable healthcare solutions. As the CEO of the company, Dr. Shinto is charged with the duty running the day-to-day affairs of company and developing key business strategies that would enhance its customer base and profitability margins. Read more about Innovacare at Crunchbase.

The executive leader started his career in medicine by rendering his services as a pulmonologist in Southern California. He has a rich resume, which highlights the successes gained from working for different companies. The graduate of the University of California has written several papers on clinical medicine and the healthcare industry. Shinto is an alumnus of the University of New York where he graduated with his degree in medicine. To improve his management skills, Rick earned his MBA from the University of Redlands.

Before joining InnovaCare Health, Dr. Shinto worked for Aveta Inc as the president. His exemplary performance in this position saw him earn the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award. The award motivated the corporate leader to continue developing consumer-oriented products.

Notably, Shinto has worked for other companies, including NAMM, which is in California, as a chief medical officer, and medical pathways management company as the COO and CMO. The experience that he has gained from these positions has helped him to provide visionary leadership at InnovaCare Health. Follow Innovacare at LinkedIn.