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Jana Messerschmidt is a partner of Lightspeed Venture Partners which is a firm that specializes in investments in the earliest stages. To Jana Lightspeed is an opportunity to utilize her skills as an investor with an impressive portfolio of consumer, technology, enterprise, and cleantech market experience. She is particularly experienced in investing and advising. She is also the co-founder of #ANGELS which is an investment collective dedicated to helping women to have successful startups.

To Jana Lightspeed is a springboard to helping others to find the success that they have been seeking out and her background and experience makes her very qualified to help others to grow their businesses. She was previously Director of Business Development for Netflix and also Vice President of Global Business Development and Platform for the well known Twitter.

Jana has her Bachelor of Science in Science in Computer Engineering, and she is passionate about investing, hosting events, and conversations in order to build up a strong community. She also promotes the role of women in the frontier fields in the modern world. Jana Messerschmidt utilizes the effectiveness of checklists to keep herself organized and on top of things. She also likes to think about things in a logical light. She has been influenced by many strong women, and she likes to manage her commitments effectively.

She is very inspired and excited about how transportation is evolving and how it impacts people and cities. She has also made a few lucrative investments in this industry as an angel investor, and the Bird Scooter Company is one of the companies that she supports because she can see its potential. Jana takes notes to help her to be a better entrepreneur as well as to fulfill her duties at Lightspeed. She also believes in the importance of relationships.

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Neurocore is Using Neurofeedback to Address Mental and Behavioral Challenges

While modern science and medicine have improved psychotherapy and pharmaceutical treatments, which are both useful to some extent, some people don’t respond well to these forms of treatments. Another group of patients is afraid of dealing with the associated consequences. Thankfully, modern science has gifted the world with the third method of therapy – a technique based on the power of the brain to deal with a broad range of mental and behavioral issues. Neurofeedback utilizes the ability of the brain to learn and enhance according to informational cues of the patient’s environment. Since it has no side effects, it has attracted plenty of applications.

Neurocore, a brain performance center has successfully used Neurofeedback to treat conditions such as depression migraines, stress, anxiety, autism spectrum disorder, athletes, memory boot camp, teen ADHD, adult attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and Child ADHD. Neurocore adopts a comprehensive approach to Neurofeedback which entails biofeedback. By varying their heart rates, patients learn to take slower and deeper breathes capable of maximizing the functioning of their hearts and in turn improve circulation.

At Neurocore, the brain training therapy for the treatment of depression usually begins with an exhaustive assessment using qEEG brainwave mapping technology, ASEBA (Achenbach System of Empirically Based Assessment and other diagnostic measures. The objective is to come up with a versatile landscape of the patient’s depression symptoms. 84 percent of the 292 clients who finished the facilities’ 30-session program, reported a significant reduction of their depression symptoms, while 51 percent no longer fulfilled the symptomatic depression threshold.

About Neurocore

Neurocore operates under the leadership of Rick Kuiper, the President, and Mark Murrison, who serves as the chief executive officer. The brain performance center specializes in the provision of data-driven, brain-centered assessments, as well as training programs aimed at helping children and adults to manage stress and improve sleep and concentration levels. While it has been in existence for close to 15 years, Neurocore enjoys national authority in applied neuroscience and has nine centers spread across Florida and Michigan.

Athletes and franchises have started including Neurofeedback in their training regimens. As a result, Neurocore has attracted related partnerships with companies such as The Portland Trail Blazers, who have even incorporated a ‘brain room’ within their training facilities. At any given time, the privately held company usually has 51-200 employees. To ensure that clients can benefit from their services from the comfort of their homes, Neurocore is now offering at-home programs. This program is for individuals struggling with sleep problems, lack of focus, stress as well as memory issues.

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Rebel Wilson learns how to make cakes on her 39th birthday

What is that one skill that you have been dying to learn? Everyone has something that they wish they could do, but they cannot because they have not found an opportunity. Read more: Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair

For Rebel Wilson, it was cake making. However, she is now a happy woman after her friends organized for a cake making class on her birthday. They took her to one of the finest bakers in town and ensured that she learned the basics about cakes. When she came out, she was so excited that she could not hide it from her Instagram followers.

Open to more learning

Rebel Wilson revealed that even though she is now 39, she has not stopped in her quest to learn new things. Every time she learns a new thing, it makes her a better person and it also impacts on her acting career.

She says that the film industry is all about learning new things and therefore, she wanted to do the same one her birthday. She said that attending classes such as this one improves her creativity. It could not have come at a better time, especially now that she is already in the middle of the production of her upcoming movie called Cats.

Taking Pizzas with her friends

After the class had been concluded, Rebel Wilson posted on line saying that she was heading to her place with the crew so that they could take some Pizzas and other delicacies. It was the culmination of a day that had been so eventful.

Before taking the classes, the crew had tried a new workout style called Catzercise. It is a complete workout that Rebel says that it can get one in the shape for the summer. In addition to that, she said that it a surprise from her friends, and so, she had to rehearse it for thirty minutes.

If you know about Rebel Wilson the successful film star, you should also know about her past when she was a child growing and studying in Australia. That is where she was born and raised before moving to America. Since her debut I 2002, she has remained active in the industry.

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Tim Ionnides :How Vitamin D Helps Skin Problems Heal

Tim Ionnides is a voluntary associate professor at the University of Miami School of Medicine for 20 years. In 2004, Dr. Ionnides founded Treasure Coast Dermatology.

Tim Ionnides believes that Vitamin D can calm skin conditions. Many people don’t realize skin problems are nothing to be taken lightly until they have some. Skin disorder is a signal to look into the overall health of the individual. There are ointments and other medications to help heal eczema, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, etc.

Psoriasis is the increased growth of skin that causes red patches. Eczema is itchy red skin. Atopic dermatitis is itchy, swollen, red, and cracked skin. Rosea is commonly found in the cheeks, chin, lower part of the nose, and the forehead. Contact dermatitis is found when you touch something you’re allergic to. Some people have itchy red flare ups when the skin comes in contact with certain fabrics, detegents, soaps, and certain plants.

Vitamin D can help heal skin. We know Vitamin D is good for the health of the bones and teeth. In addition to the cholesterol from the sun, Vitamin D can found in foods that include salmon, trout, tuna, and ham. Vitamin D can be found in drinks such milk and orange juice. Yogurt, mushrooms, and cereal contain Vitamin D. Dr. Tim Ionnides believes many people don’t get enough Vitamin D in their diet. People who are overweight need more Vitamin D than thinner people. Most states in the U.S. do not have access to enough sunshine all year round .

Dr Ionnides recommends that people are exposed to the sun between 10 minutes and 90 minutes each day. Sunblock is a double edged sword. On one hand, sunblock can prevent skin cancer. Sunblock can prevent the body from producing its own Vitamin D. Being outside is very important.

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Deirdre Baggot is an Innovative Healthcare Professional

Deirdre Baggot has spent quite a bit of time in the healthcare sector. She has seen the different ins and outs of using smart techniques in leading to efficiency and overall cost savings.

A few of the initiatives she has been aligned with is that of the bundled payments technique, a technique that can not only help save money but can also bring in more rewards from a larger healthcare perspective.

This is an initiative that is conducted with the government with organizations such as CMS who lead the initiative with more than 500 organizations. This new initiative came about because of the healthcare reform instituted by the Obama Administration.

As noted above, Deirdre Baggot is a bundled payment expert, she will be able to help others navigate through this new payments system and consult them on how they can gain and obtain value from this system. Learn more about of Deirdre at

A Little Bit About Her

She went to the University of Colorado and studied philosophy, she graduated with a degree in that subject. She had also went to Southern Illinois University where she pursued studies in Nursing and started learning much more about the healthcare field.

She didn’t want to stop studying, she made sure to progress to Loyola University Chicago and seek her MBA, she graduated with a degree in business administration.

She has also had quite a bit of career in the professional world as well. She started with Northwestern Memorial Healthcare and worked as a manager, served in the hospital administration group, as a resource coordinator, and as a staff nurse. This was one of her first positions and she was able to learn quite a bit within this environment, she was able to put her years of study into great use. She served with this organization from 1997 to 2003 and then progressed to several other roles. Learn more:


Blockchain Founder Serge Belamant’s Sage Wisdom on the Road to Success

Billions of people around all different corners of the globe use financial chips in their cards in order to make in-person and online transactions; millions use blockchain technology in their financial transactions and cryptocurrencies. Yet hardly anyone knows that the creator of both of these two things are in fact the very same person! Serge Belamant is his name, and he grew up in the small town of Tulle, France, before moving at the age of 14 to South Africa with his father who moved in search of more work as a tiler. Find out more about Serge Belamant at

Serge Belamant faced his fair share of failures and successes over the years and has much advice in that area; at the end of it all he has created multiple businesses which help different facets of society. It started in 1989 with Net1 UEPS Technologies, where in 1995 he created the chip technology for cards which was licensed to VISA and introduced to Europe. From there, it spread all across the world and has only recently made its way into America. A very skilled coder in his own right, as evident by his creations, this was not always so for the experienced Serge Belamant. He admitted in a recent interview that it “definitely took some time” before he became profitable in business. He had periods of self-doubt, and admits that overcoming them at each stage was like “scar tissue—once you heal yourself of that doubt, your belief in what you’re pursuing is stronger than ever.” In the interviews of most successful people, we see this over and over again. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the success of Serge Belamant is the business model used to attain greatness. He admits that “I may be slightly old school, or maybe I’m buying into the new school, but I genuinely believe that word of mouth is one of the most powerful marketing tools there is.” So this proves that no matter what your path is, if people can’t relate to it then it doesn’t mean anything. Word of mouth is still, whether online or not, the most important factor in success.

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Sergey Petrossov and Flying in Style

Forbes 30 under 30 awarded him for his work in Consumer Technology and South Florida’s Top Working Professional by the Sun Sentinel. JetSmarter is a company that makes the private airline industry accessible to the entire world. Prior to JetSmarter, he founded an online chat system for website customer service and a distance learning platform for Russian-speaking educational institutions. Petrossov studied at the University of Florida, developing his interest in technology. Currently, JetSmarter provides service to 14,000 paid subscribers and 670,000 users also offering 3,200 private jets with the intent to establish its own branded aircraft in the near future.

Subscribers will be paying $4,950 and $15,000 per year for JetSmarter services. The concept behind JetSmarter is for it to be the world’s largest private air travel service. It works by browsing and booking seats on existing shared flights around the world. Seats are offered on flights created by this community. JetSmarter has many partners. There are two options, the pay as you go option where you book flights at non-member rates with worldwide availability or $2,500 a year flying more than one round-trip per year. There is guaranteed availability on 24-hour notice with private charters and discounted member pricing on various flights.

Connect: Twitter

You also have access to VIP events with a full membership as well as luxury partner benefits. There is a 24/7 concierge. The product boils down to a user-friendly app that can order flights with top-rated private jet operators. JetSmart users can book free seats on scheduled shuttles between certain cities. There are free flights to new destinations daily from members’ favorite cities. Helicopter shuttles are available to the Hamptons from Manhattan. The first beta had been released in August 2012 to a select group of private jet travelers and no one else, the app also provides competitive fares.

Rebel Wilson Tries New Things in Acting

It’s important to help people see the best ways actors an act. Rebel Wilson knows a lot about acting and spent a lot of time figuring out the best way to kick off her acting career. Since she was so focused on what she could do to help people with the acting options she had, she felt she was able to make more out of the career than she would have if she just stuck to one genre.

Even though Rebel Wilson started out in comedy, she didn’t plan to stay in that genre for the length of her career. She wanted to try something different to make sure people understood why she was doing the best job possible.

There were a lot of options when it came to acting and Rebel Wilson knew that most of them would allow her to show off the skills she had. IT was also her idea to keep making sure people saw her as someone who knew how they were going to have their career before they even started. Read more Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair and Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour

For Rebel Wilson, this meant she would need to continue trying different roles aside from the comedy ones she was accustomed to. If she could do more and be more, she’d have a chance to tell people what she wanted to do and that would make her more successful.

As Rebel Wilson’s career went on, she did more to make sure she was helping. She had a lot of hope for the way she could do things in the future and that’s part of what made people want to see her as a better personality. For Rebel Wilson, this was something that brought improvements to the industry and something that made people want to see her as a better actor. She always knew she wanted to be more, but she felt she needed to show people that.

After taking on the lead role in Isn’t it Romantic, Rebel Wilson knew she would be able to improve her career even more. She spent a lot of time finding the right options and doing what she could to make sure people would understand her as a better actor.

She also felt there were things that would allow her to focus on these changes so she didn’t have to worry about what she was doing or where she was going with the acting career she had. It helped her show more people she could do better than other actors.

For years, Rebel Wilson focused on these changes and on what she was doing to make them. She felt she could doe better than other people since she spent a lot of time finding the right genres and the right roles.

As long as Rebel Wilson knew how to help people understand why she worked that way, she would be able to succeed. It made more sense for Rebel Wilson to take on a variety of roles so she’d have a chance to showcase her acting skills in every genre.

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Zeco Auriemo

Zeco Auriemo: What It Takes To Achieve Success In Real Estate

Are you interested in real estate and want to create wealth in this industry? Do you want to make your fortune in property development? Perhaps you want to get access to reliable professional like Zeco Auriemo so you can get started in property development without hassles.

The real estate industry is highly lucrative and countless individuals have amassed their fortunes in this area. If you have the right information or resources, you can achieve great success as a real estate investor.

Before you dive into any type of business, including real estate investments, you should get in touch with an expert. It is extremely important to get a consultation with someone who has great expertise in that area of business. That way, you will know what works and avoid potential obstacles.

Zeco Auriemo is an expert in real estate investing and has worked with top professionals in the industry. He has catered to clients from many different industries and is well respected by his peers and clients.

Every investor should have the resources and ability to locate lucrative investment properties and find financing for the deal. Once you have found a suitable property, it is imperative to schedule a consultation with an expert who can guide you.

As chairman and chief executive officer of JHSF, Zeco Auriemo knows what steps are required in order to complete a development project successfully. Based in Brazil, JHSF is considered the nation’s leading property development firm. The company has a great reputation in the industry and employs some of the most knowledgeable professionals.

By following proven steps, you can free yourself from making costly mistakes. Expert guidance will provide you with the tips and strategies you truly need to achieve success in the real estate industry.

Ted Bauman: Amazon Is Not A Tech Monopoly

Monopolies in the world of tech aren’t something that is too uncommon according to Ted Bauman. One of the most well-known companies to have what is considered a monopoly is Apple with their popular iPhone. After Steve Jobs of Apple passed away, many people considered Jeff Bezos of Amazon to be the next big name in tech that took his place with the 4th highest valued company on the entirety of the New York Stock Exchange. While Amazon does have a lot of power when it comes to shopping, Ted Bauman argues that they are not the monopoly that many people believe it to be and is still vulnerable to the market.

Ted Bauman is an editor with Banyan Hill Publishing. His monthly publication, The Bauman Letter has more than 100,000 readers that come to him for advice and tips on how to keep their wealth through innovative strategies concerning investing and beyond. Other publications from Bauman include Alpha Stock Alert and Smart Money that introduce readers to different trading systems that he has created over the years. He insists that he is not a stock analyst and rather is an economist which gives him a unique viewpoint on the market and how to profit from it.

When talking about Amazon, Ted Bauman sees it as the modern version of the Sears catalog. While people thought that Sears was unstoppable during its early years, their recent fall from popularity proved that even companies that are considered juggernauts can fall if they do not keep up with the market. People want immediate gratification and to be able to shop where and when it is convenient for them which is why Amazon Prime is such a popular service.

While Amazon does control a large portion of online sales, Ted Bauman says it’s important to remember that they are still outsold by brick and mortar stores like Krogers. while Amazon has hurt the sales of retailers like book stores, most offline retailers have remained largely unaffected. This shows that for the most part people still want to be able to get their items immediately after purchase. Ted Bauman Says Amazon Isn’t a Monopoly, Warns Shareholders of Vulnerability

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