All To Know About The Fagali’I Airport

The Fagali’I Airport has been a wonderful asset to millions of people who have traveled over the years. What sets the Fagali’I Airport apart from so many others out there is that it has two different airlines available. The first airline, known as Fagali’I Airlines, offers travelers the ability to travel within the local Samoa area. If you would rather travel internationally, you can choose the Samoa America airline, as it has many different flights available per day for those who would like to visit the United States or are coming in from this area.

The reason the Fagali’I Airport looks relatively new is because it is. Decades ago, it was owned by the local government and run primarily for government and military purposes. After many years, it was sold to Polynesian Airlines and reopened as Fagali’I Airport. This has opened the airport to the public and allows for both local and international travel to those who do not want to spend a lot of money to get to where they need to be. Once you choose the Fagali’I Airport for your upcoming travel plans according to, you’ll realize why millions of individuals have utilized this amazing airport to do all of their traveling since the airport was reopened over a decade ago.

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Along with offering low-cost flights to those who are on a budget, the Fagali’I Airport also has many different in-line features available according to From high-end restaurants to cafes and shops, you will find that traveling through the Fagali’I Airport is one of the best options you’ve made for your upcoming travel plans. You can also visit the Fagali’I Airport website if you would like to book a flight or need to find out information on delays and cancellations. There are many airports out there for you to choose, but the best one in the Samoa area is known as the Fagali’I Airport. This is an airport that is both safe and secure while also being incredibly low-cost and convenient. You can book your flight online quickly and without problems, allowing you to simply show up for your flight and be on your way.

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The Holiday Party Starter Pack

As we come around to the holiday season, one of the main things everybody seems to be focused on is the holiday party. From the ugly christmas sweater get-togethers, to the family dinner parties, the holiday season is filled with these celebrations. Let’s break down some of the major components of the party, in order to make sure you are as equipped as possible for your upcoming holiday party.


Where’s the invite?


If you do decide to use invitations, be sure they are attractive and creative. Invitations can propel your party-planning to new heights if done with the proper design, idea, and amount of creativeness.


Let’s Decorate


Now we know that the holiday decorations are at the forefront of every holiday party. From stunning christmas trees to wonderfully tied ribbons, decorations breathe life into locations, as they often highlight the elegant mood that is desired amongst partygoers.


Hunger Games


Now what’s a party without food? When it comes to the holiday menu, you want to make sure you have supplied your location with a substantial amount of snacks, appetizers and beverages for those attending. This adds another level of comfort to the party, which is great for all attendes.


Now some of you may be a little overwhelmed by all those topics we just covered, and that is okay, we have a company that may be able to assist you. Twenty Three Layers is among the many botique event planning companies in NYC that specializes in style and creativity when planning events. As a firm that provides services such as floral design, catering and photography, Twenty Three Layers is dedicated and committed to ensuring your event is not only spectacular, but above the top in terms of creativity. Whatever your event needs, Twenty Three Planners is available to do, which is why they are recognized as one of the premier corporate event planners in NYC.

How Bob Reina’s Company Software Reaches 500 People

Bob Reina has become a trusted voice on video marketing ideas and trends because of what he’s done in the industry through his company Talk Fusion.

Talk Fusion has several apps that make sending live or recorded videos through email or open sessions easy to do.

Talk Fusion’s software is WebRTC based which means you don’t need separate software to use it.

It runs across multiple browsers without even using Adobe flash player and with its Live Meetings app, a broadcaster can reach up to 500 people. Reina and his team have perfected the quality of the app so that it can run smoothly even on some slower home internet connections.

All of this is the result of 13 years entering the IT industry. Learn more about Bob Reina: and

Bob Reina has many years running multilevel marketing gigs, the model that Talk Fusion is built on. Prior to that, he was a deputy at the Hillsborough County sheriff’s office, and he changed that career for multilevel marketing because of the freedom it gave him to work his own hours, and the endless limit of possibilities he could reach.

While the first multilevel marketing companies he worked for didn’t last that long, he still felt he would find something that would last for the long-term.

When he came across the idea of being able to transmit videos through email, he knew he had an idea that could lead to even bigger and better opportunities. He soon was able to bring that idea to life with Talk Fusion’s first video email client, and soon video newsletters and signup forms followed.

Bob Reina counts it as no small thing that the multilevel marketing industry allowed him to change his life’s direction, and he wants the Talk Fusion associates program to do the same for others.

For those who might be unsure how to get started using it, Reina has started Talk Fusion University, a video series on selling Talk Fusion products and understanding the uses of video. Reina is also a regular blogger for outlets like the Huffington Post and MarTech Advisor, and he’s also a donor to several animal rescue agencies.

Talk Fusion Video Marketing Products for Companies and Professionals

Talk Fusion is one of the leading or probably the only video marketing company that you can trust in the video marketing business. Bob Reina, CEO of Talk Fusion believes that video marketing is the form of marketing that doesn’t only put a positive impression on the target audience but also helps in faster and higher conversion. And, to the surprise of the entire marketing industry, Bob Reina has been right about it all along.

The company was launched in the year 2007 and since then has devised, developed, and launched a wide array of video-based products that has helped in bringing a sort of revolution in the field of marketing. More and more companies, as well as individuals, are using the Talk Fusion products, simply because it gets results.

The best part about the products and services of Talk Fusion is that it is far less cheap than the conventional marketing products and services, but provides better results.

Talk Fusion offers video communication and marketing products and services bundled into one of its customers, which includes video e-mail, video newsletters, video chat, live meetings, video sign-up forms, and more.

The array of products developed and provided by Talk Fusion makes it one of the most innovating companies in the marketing sphere today. However, Bob Reina says that it is just the beginning as the company invests heavily in research and development and many new products are in the pipeline, which is scheduled to be launched soon. Read more: Talk Fusion | Crunchbase and Talk Fusion | Wikipedia

Talk Fusion understands that businesses and professionals are finding it hard to stay on the top in the highly competitive market and are looking for unique marketing concepts and tools. It is where the video marketing and communication products of Talk Fusion come into the picture.

Talk Fusion’s products can be used for both personal and professional purposes, and it is sure to get you the results you are looking for.

The company continues to update its product line to ensure new features are added to it frequently and that it continues to perform as per the requirements of the customers. Bob Reina says Talk Fusion can help in ways more than one to help companies convert leads and optimize sales conversion channels.

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Securus Technologies takes fight against illegal cell phones in prison to the next level

Over the last 20 years, the proliferation of handheld cellular devices has posed a unique challenge to the safe operation of the nation’s jails and prisons. Because unauthorized cell phones can be used by well-organized and dangerous gangs to order crimes to be committed on their behalf by gang members who are not currently incarcerated, the total elimination of illegal cell phones from the nation’s carceral facilities has long been a top priority for prison administrators and guards.


You can only incarcerate an individual


One of the huge structural problems that has confronted the nation’s prison system over the last 20 years is the idea that gangs enjoy a sort of immunity from the incapacitation that incarceration brings. While it is possible to completely neutralize the threat that an individual poses by locking them away behind tall walls, razor wire fences and thick Plexiglas, the same cannot be said for gangs and their members.


This is because modern prison gangs are, in themselves, a sort of criminal ant colony. You can isolate one part of it, but other parts will quickly pick up the slack, continuing to carry out the organization’s criminal activities unhindered. The one linchpin in all of this has been the means by which gangs are able to quickly and effectively communicate with their soldiers on the outside of prison. Over the last two decades, this has been carried out almost exclusively through the use of contraband cellular devices.


Securus Technologies has the answer


Because contraband cell phones are used by prison gangs to carry out everything from drug smuggling to intimidation of witnesses to ordering murders on those the gang dislikes, finding a means to completely eliminate the scourge of illegal cell phones throughout the nation’s prisons has been a top priority for prison administrators and security specialists.


Now, Securus Technologies, one of the leading providers of inmate communications services in the country, has rolled out a new device that is capable of doing just that. Known as the Wireless Containment System, this new technology is capable of intercepting nearly 100 percent of communications placed on unauthorized devices within the grounds of a prison. The system can also be used by guards to detect illegal devices, making it many times easier to pinpoint their location and confiscate them.


When a prison attempts to place a call from an unauthorized device in a prison where the WCS system has been deployed, they simply get a message that says that the call could not be completed. With its interception rate of nearly 100 percent, this device is making it nearly impossible for prison gangs to communicate with the outside world, eliminating a key tool these gangs use to continue committing crimes while locked up.


meet Kevin Seawright, New Jersey’s strategic and Financial Guru

Kevin Seawright is a financial professional formerly in the executive leadership position at Newark Economic Development Corporation. During his time at NEDC where he worked for almost 2 years, he served as the company’s Vice President and Chief Financial Officer.

In addition, Kevin currently serves as the Managing Partner and Chief Operating Officer at Real Property Solutions LLC.

Previously, Seawright worked at the Collington Episcopal Life Care Community where served in many positions that included Strategic management, financial planning and Transitional Management of Property. Kevin has gathered a lot of experience from various other fields that he has worked at.

He has worked with the Baltimore City Government for over a half a decade. His leadership skills in Tito Contractors where he was the Operations Vice President was diverse and exceptional.

Having attended his education at the University Of Notre Dame- Mendoza College Of Business in Baltimore, Kevin Seawright has increased his profession in executive leadership. He is an expert in financial and administrative operations. In his more than 13 years of work experience, Kevin has built a robust career resulting in his brilliance as an economic strategist.

He successfully managed to head the strategic reorganization of many companies around New Jersey which lead to his Vice Presidency at Newark Economic Development Corporation.

Kevin Seawright actively participates on social media platforms. His contribution on LinkedIn and Twitter platforms is quite commendable especially on LinkedIn where he has received many endorsements for the achievements that he has made.

PR Newswire revealed that Mr. Seawright has featured in the media such as the MarketWatch for the key role he played while at the NCED. He has also appeared on other renowned media platforms that include, the Larry Young Morning Show, and PRNewswire. Read more: Kevin Seawright Joins Newark Community Economic Development Corporation

Kevin’s key achievements in his career include his ability to increase NCEDC’s returns by more than 25 percent, with improved work performance through worker retention.

While at the Baltimore City Government, Seawright also managed more than 134 million US dollars annual operating budget. He further managed 600 million US dollars in the education renovation projects for the schools in the city of Baltimore within a three-year period.

In his hobbies, Kevin loves Basketball which he has volunteered as a coach and sometimes talks about on the social media platforms.

Boraie Development Cuts In to Solve the Real Estate Demand

New Jersey, as one of the densely populated areas in the United States, is currently under the risk of suffering the housing problems as the surging real estate market enters the region. The real estate tracking company, Zillow, has tracked that New Jersey has the highest shares and rates in the residential mortgage that are delinquent. However, the decreasing delinquency reflects the possibilities of some important impacts. The post-crisis events, improved fundamentals of household formation and high employment rates and gains in house prices led to the dropping delinquency. There is an expectation that the positive trend will continue in the coming years as the industry continues to focus on reducing shortages and affordability crises.

Lawrence Yun explains on that the shortages are likely to increase and even to the point of housing emergency incase gap between the housing demand and housing supply continues to widen. Lawrence Yun is the National Association of Realtors’ chief realtor. As predicted by the Economists, the drop is likely to intensify because of the drop in permits that occurred in May. However, on the contrary, New Jersey is still young in the real estate world and is rapidly growing. The reason given by Zillow is that there is an expectation that the prices of homes are expected to rise. Despite the high demand the housing, there are still vacant houses that are withheld from the selling shelves with a hope of raised gains by the homeowners.

The real estate market in New Jersey is improving with many developments. According to Bloomberg, one of the developments is the Boraie Development that takes the lead in development making it the highly sought after company in New Jersey. Boraie has been in operation for more than twenty years. Boraie gets its funds for the projects from private investments. Moreover, it in its operations, it works with the large financial institutions and architects and contractors in accomplishing its projects successfully within the scheduled time.

Sam Boraie has a wide range of services regarding the urban real estate business. Some of the services it offers include the development of properties, management of properties and the marketing and sales of the properties. More than just the service, the team making up Boraie Development are devoted to giving excellent services and building meeting spectacular properties to their customers. Its projects are made a success through the implementation of its capitalism, vision together with reliability. Boraie works to produce quality services to the client to enable the creation of a long-term relationship with them. Read more on

Scott Rocklage Has Some Terrific Advice For Early-Stage Entrepreneurs

Scott Rocklage is a managing partner at 5AM Ventures and has more than thirty years of experience in the healthcare management field. His strategic leadership led to the FDA approval of the drugs Cubicin, Teslascan, and Omniscan, and he has invented or been a part of the invention of over 30 different items that have U.S. patents.

As a researcher and writer, Dr. Rocklage has put together over 100 peer-reviewed publications, and he received a Nobel Prize in Chemistry while working in the laboratory of Richard R. Schrook. Before this, he earned a Bachelor’s in Chemistry while attending the University of California, Berkley, and received a PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Chemistry.

Scott Rocklage says that the idea for 5AM Ventures came from the fact that the company is in business to help startups, and since 5AM is very early in the morning, it seemed like a good match. Generally, a normal day for Scott can include learning more about recent trends in the life sciences as well as helping companies manage their portfolios.

He brings ideas to life by working with physicians, scientists, and other business people and helping them to better formulate what it is they are thinking about. As an entrepreneur, he feels that some of his greatest strengths include his time management skills and his knack for knowing what is the most important work to get done in a day.

Scott Rocklage feels that he has made many of the right moves in his life and with his work, but if he could start over he would focus more on the people that he chooses to be a part of his team.

Scott also feels like he might take more measured risks, and he advises others that they should go into business for themselves, because they aren’t going to get rich by working for others.

One of Dr. Rocklage’s biggest pieces of advice to new entrepreneurs and business owners is to not get too far away from doing what they do best. While it may be tempting to expand what they offer, it is best to continue to be the best at what it is they excel in.

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The US Money Reserve: Giving Back to the Society Through Charity

The U.S money reserve recently made a public announcement about its partnership with ADRN a network known for its tireless efforts in offering relief help during times of crisis. For instance, it has been at the forefront of providing support to Hurricane Harvey survivors. US Money Reserve will be backing up ADRN regarding financial aid, emotional and spiritual care, emergency housing and transportation.

To be able to attain that, the Money reserve has organized a relief fund in which all the money gained will go towards the ADRN nonprofit network to help it in meeting the immediate needs of the hurricane survivors. To maximize the number of donations, they will get through the fund; the US money reserve will join other contributions made by Youcaring to ADRN.

Hurricane Harvey hit areas such as the entire Texas Gulf which affected some of the US money reserve customers and even staff as the company has some of its offices in the affect ted areas. Learn more about U.S. Money Reserve:

Through the partnership with ADRN, the company has a platform to give back to the community which helped it rise the ladders of success. People are encouraged to support the US money reserve, and ADRN helps more survivors by making donations.

Since the last hurricane known as Wilma in 2005, the US has never experienced another one that is the reason why hurricane Harvey caused so much havoc and destruction. It went on for about four days and saw a massive amount of rainfall which ranged from 40 to 65 inches across Texas.

It caused a lot of flooding and carried away millions concerning properties and homes, and sadly it also took away some human lives as approximately 82 people were confirmed dead.

Nevertheless, life has to go on, and Texas is now ready to work towards rebuilding itself and its surroundings. Although it will be quite costly as damages caused are approximately around $180 billion.

Even if the federal governments will cover most of these costs, there is still more help required, and luckily many charity organizations such as ADRN have put their foot forward to offer relief. ADRN will be mainly involved in meeting the needs of the survivors and rebuilding their homes. For instance, it cleans supplies food and distributes all the necessary amenities. Read more: US Money Reserve | Built In Austin

About US money reserve

Founded about three decades ago, the US money reserve is the leading seller of gold, platinum coins, and even silver products. It was founded by veterans who saw the need to offer quality services, guidance and expert knowledge of the market to the clients who want to purchase these precious metals.

Thanks to its excellent services to clients and is at the forefront of meeting the market needs; it has received a triple-A rating from the Business Consumers alliance.

The company works itself to the finger bone to offer quality services and products and through its leaders who are experts in the field, such as Philip N. Diehl it has continued to soar to greater heights and has taken over the market.

The US Money Reserve also give back to the society through various offering financial support and even partnerships with charity organizations.

How Karl Heideck Helps The Philadelphia Community

Karl Heideck is a practicing lawyer who works in the greater Philadelphia region of Jenkintown, Pennsylvania. Karl attended Swarthmore College where he attained a bachelor of arts in 2003. Heideck later joined the Temple University- James E. Beasley School of Law and earned a law degree in 2009. After his graduation, he was awarded his law practicing license in 2010.

Heideck has over seven years of experience in the corporate world and currently works as a contract attorney for the Hire Counsel. Karl Heideck got listed to the Hire Counsel in April 2015 for his expertise and extensive background in litigation. He has skills and knowledge in civil and commercial litigation, employment law, mediation, intellectual property, arbitration, trials, product liability, arbitration, appeals and corporate law. The Hire Counsel provides experienced and dedicated lawyers who offer modified legal solutions for various law firms in the United States.

Karl Heideck primarily focuses on compliance and risk management. He researches on the latest legal matters that improves his insightful questioning, negotiation techniques and provides grounded facts while representing his clients. Mr. Karl understands the law and can interpret various legal statutes and precedents, which assist him to advise employers on laws used at the federal and state levels. The lawyer handles cases for both small businesses and large corporations that involve overlapping aspects of the law. Karl Heideck represents criminal clients, real estate firms, and people who file personal injury claims. He is an experienced attorney with a broad range of accumulated knowledge and skills.

The attorney has served several law firms in the Philadelphia for more than a decade, which exposed him to various litigation steps. Karl Heideck informs and educates Pennsylvania residents and national cooperate entities on the relevance of laws on their daily lives, through blogs that he frequently posts. Mr. Heideck is also an author of the Philly Purge. He has released a book that guides new and aspiring litigation lawyers to achieve their goals. The litigator assists clients in dealing with specific Philadelphia laws, which includes the new law that regulates seat belts for children.

Karl Heideck serves the Philadelphia’s legal needs by providing consultation to individuals who are facing legal challenges. The Lawyer ensures that his clients know the full scope of the litigation strategy through spending quality time with them. His extensive background benefits his customers who seek legal representation in corporate law, employment regulation, and commercial ordinances.