Roberto Santiago Builds Massive Mall to Boost His Hometown

Roberto Santiago developed one of the most well-known shopping malls in Brazil, the Manaira Shopping Mall. The mall offers more amenities than any other in the region. It has been expanded five times since it was first launched. It is one of the largest shopping centers in Paraiba’s capital.


When you get tired of shopping, take a break and see a movie in 3D. There are 11 different rooms for cinema. There are VIP rooms that allow for exclusive gatherings. The entertainment hall is set up like a stadium configuration If you like games, visit the game station. This area is about 1800 sq. meters and has over 200 different game machines. If you are a bowler, you can enjoy the fully electronic bowling alley. There is a gym as well. The entertainment area has a snack bar for popcorn and other treats. Visit to read more.


The mall has a variety of dining venues to satisfy your tastes. Relax in the dining area with your family and friends and try a variety of different foods. There are a number of different gourmet restaurants in the Mall. There is a food court with a variety of options also. A steak house is located there, as well as a hamburger restaurant.

Concert Hall

The Manaira Mall has the largest concert hall in the area. It is an air-conditioned spacer that has a modern sound system for great listening enjoyment. The Domus Hall attracts national and international talent to the city. The Hall is also available for rent for other events. Many people rent the space for weddings, company presentations and more.

The Manaira Mall offers a variety of shops and venues so that you can find the things you want. You may just enjoy browsing through the various shops or window shop. If you are planning a vacation to Brazil, stop by the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall. You will be impressed with the shops there.

Roberto Santiago believes that the Mall will be a boost to the local job market as well as provide a place for local residents to shop. It is expected to draw many people and it is hoped that it will draw in tourists as well. Read more on

Earning An Income With Traveling Vineyard

There are dozens of direct marketing companies that offer many individuals a source of income. One of the most popular, up and coming, companies is The Traveling Vineyard. The company offers a wide variety of unique wines. They also offer their teammates a variety of benefits and perks.

Individuals who join the team at Traveling Vineyard are called “Wine Guides.” The starter kit, also known as the Success Kit, comes with everything needed to begin a career as a Wine Guide. The starter kit costs under $200 and includes enough wine for two tasting events, glasses, carrying case, and other wine essentials. The Success kit also includes all the necessary paperwork to begin a successful business; brochures, business cards, flyers, and guides. The starter kit also includes an online training program and a personal website to use for 3 months for free.

The earning potential with Traveling Vineyard will be determined by how much time and effort is put into building the business. Wine tasting events are the best way to earn income with Traveling Vineyard. Wine Guides can earn up to 35% of the commissions on their sales. The average commission check per wine tasting events is around $100. However, the more members in your team and the more you have sales will increase the earning potential.

Besides the earning potential, flexibility is another reason why joining Traveling Vineyard is a great idea. Wine tastings, online sales, and other promotions are all done on your own time. You can schedule it around another job, school or family responsibilities.

There is no minimum sales requirements or monthly sales fees that are required of Wine Guides. The Guides are not required to keep wine in stock, except for their tasting sets, either. All the wine is shipped directly from the warehouse to the client.

George Soros fights for the Party

George Soros and other top Democrats, who have spent millions trying to elect Hillary Clinton, held a three-day closed door meeting with the hope of rebooting the big-money leaders to fight back against the newly elected Donald Trump. The conference was in response to the disappointing outcome of the 2016 election. The conference featured several leading liberal politicians including Nancy Pelosi, Senator Elizabeth Warren and Keith Ellison.

Soros planned this gathering to plan full-on ground warfare against Trump’s political agenda. George Soros’ event is sponsored by his donor club “Democracy Alliance.” Some of the planned sessions dealt with preparing for the 2017 and 2018 elections and others focusing on stopping President Trump’s 100-day plan. George Soros calls Trump’s 100-day plan an attack on President Obama’s legacy. Despite the event being sponsored by wealthy donors, there were some who were reassessing their approach to politics and the job of the Democracy Alliance.

Soros’ Democracy Alliance has had strong pull when it came to shaping institutions and the support of Clinton. The Democracy Alliance believed that women and minorities were the up and coming American electorate. Some of the political issues that the DA used to turn out the vote did not resonate with voters. The Democracy Alliance acknowledged that some changes as a result of their big loss in 2016. Read more on CNBC about George Soros.

Throughout the conference, Democrats including Rep. Ellison began airing their beliefs that they needed to invest more in training local officials and developing policies for the states. Ellison has been a leading voice in the Democratic Party for a long time.

Soros launched the DA in 2005 and has managed to successfully contribute as group more than $500 million to a handful of groups that keep the left strong and able to fight. Soros’ is still waiting to see how the groups will be able to adapt to the leaderless Democratic party.

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The Success Story of Dr. Scott Rocklage

Dr. Scott Rocklage is currently a Managing Partner at 5am Ventures which he joined in 2003 as a Venture Partner and rose to its leadership as President the next year. With his 30 plus years’ experience in the healthcare industry, Dr. Scott Rocklage has been able to steer 5am Ventures into success as seen by the FDAs approval of certain drugs administration namely omniscan, cubicin, and teclascan. He has been the CEO and President of several pharmaceutical companies throughout his three-decade long career. Dr. Scotthas also served as chair on several boards including his current positions in Relypsa, Novira, Rennovia, and Cidara among others. The following summary of an interview reveals Dr. Rocklage’s secrets to success and his outlook of entrepreneurship as a whole and read full article.

Unlike most people, Dr. Scott has no typical day or schedule to follow. His days range from working with scientists and on some days he has to prepare for board meetings. Other times, Scott is with the management team of the company working on its portfolio. He cannot say that he does certain things on Mondays or Fridays and what Scott knows.

On the company’s idea, his interactions with entrepreneurs and professionals mainly business executives, scientists, and physicians help him shape the ideas of coming up with acceptable medicines that cover unmet medical needs. One of the trends that is exciting to the doctor is the specific genotypes and mutations that provide a chance to be able to make particular cancer treatment possible. Because of this growing field, lives have been saved, and further improvement is something that the company looks forward to doing and Scott’s lacrosse camp.

It is due to proper time management. Excellent organization skills and prioritizing as well as calendaring that the doctor is able to succeed every day of his life. He also believes that successful companies are those that focus more on people. For instance, he thinks that any business that chooses the right team to work with is on its way to being successful. His secret weapon as an entrepreneur has always been to take calculated risk. His business strategy is to stay true to his business and avoid straying too much from the company’s strengths particularly on the instances that a task appears to be too easy.

Jeremy Goldstein: A Trusted Name In Whole New York City For Legal Needs

People rely on Lawyer Referral and Information Service but don’t know how it works. That’s why this article is written to assist them how it work and how they can have maximum benefits of it. When a person start looking for a lawyer hunt, he goes to the official portal of LRIS and fills out a form so that LRIS can know about them, their needs and their locations to choose a reliable and closest attorney so that they can easily contact them.


If you have been referred to any particular lawyer then they will charge you US$35 for initial 30 minute session but compensations can be made if it is about medical malpractice, personal injury, veterans, social security and military law.


LRIS by NY State Bar Association has been matching people with lawyers for more than 3 decades. In 2016, their trained staff handled around 10,000 phone calls from local public. Even though they are available 24 hours on web support, but if for any reason you want to speak with them, you can them during business hours as


Jeremy Goldstein founded a private law firm in 2014 under the name Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC. Jeremy Goldstein focuses his practice on corporate governance issues and executive pay and offers counsel for compensation committees, CEOs, and management groups for a different type of corporate transitions and numerous other complicated scenarios.


Highly experienced in his practice area, Jeremy has also received designation as a top executive attorney in The Chambers USA and Legal 500 Guide. Jeremy Goldstein spent numerous years as a partner in a leading NYC mergers and acquisitions firm. Jeremy Goldstein holds JD from NYU School of Law. He is still there as a member of the Professional Advisory Board.

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Paul Mampilly’s Newsletter is the Fastest Growing in the Financial Industry

For over 20 years, Paul Mampilly has worked on Wall Street for great clients including Kinetics International, Deutsche Bank, and ING. Back in 2009, he won an investment competition organized by the Templeton Foundation. He turned an investment of $50 million into $88 million; a 76% gain without shorting stocks at a time when financial crisis were stiffest. Some time back, he managed a $6 billion hedge fund.

Last year, Paul signed up with Banyan Hill Publishing; an independent research firm and publishing house that focuses on publishing investment newsletters and research advisories. Over the last two years, its subscriber base has grown to more than 200,000 paying members. The headquarters of the company are in Delray Beach, FL. He signed up with Banyan Hill Publishing to begin Profits Unlimited with the aim of helping Main Street Americans achieve profitable investment opportunities. He writes an eight-page newsletter that he mails to his subscribers every month recommending new stocks. Every week, he updates his subscribers on stocks in the portfolio model. More importantly, he monitors the performance of investments on his website.

Instead of investing capital on behalf of his subscribers, they purchase the stocks in their individual brokerage accounts. Paul offers innovative alternatives for his clients and financial advisors. One of his subscribers by the name Alan L says that he has purchased every stock suggested by Paul Mampilly and his investments have always been profitable. Other subscribers praise him saying that they have never come across an outstanding financial advisor like him. Currently, Mampilly’s open portfolio includes stocks of up to 18%, 21%, 31%, and 38%. From the available 13 open positions, 11 are profitable.

Paul Mampilly has had about twenty-five years of investment experience where he has maintained almost every finance job. He has covered healthcare and biotech as a portfolio manager and analyst for major international banks including Bankers Trust, ING, and Deutsche Bank. He has had an impressive list of clients including Swiss private banks, the Templeton Foundation, European aristocracy, and Fortune 500 companies such as Sears and banks such as the Royal Bank of Scotland.

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Basics Concerning Securus Technologies Activities

Securus Technologies plays a crucial role in ensuring public safety. Their primary goal is to enhance civil and criminal justice by use of technology. The firm also engages in other roles like; public safety, conducting investigations, as well as monitoring publications. Securus Technologies is also the company responsible for designing models to curb crimes among inmates.


Reviews Given on Usage of Securus Technologies’ Facility in Curbing Crimes


Richard A. Smith, the chairman, and CEO of Securus Technologies confesses that they have to develop products and services on a weekly basis. It helps them keep up with technology, and also provide highly-modernized solutions to the correctional facilities. The subscribers of their services keep sending mails and letters to appreciate the firm. Mr. Smith says they will continue integrating such factors to maintain safety to all their clients. It is part of their DNA, and therefore every staff has to work tirelessly towards meeting the customer needs.


Selected Comments From Satisfied Clients


A happy client expresses their gratitude to Securus Technologies for helping them track down a corrupt staff. The firm trailed the phone calls of the said official by monitoring their telephones. The case revolved around access to drugs by inmates. Having run the incarceration facility for over ten years, they highly rely on technology. On using the LBS software program, they captured all the details necessary to bring the criminals to book.




Securus Technologies has been ranked the best in providing jail cellular services. They have been consistent in enhancing safety for the entire public as well. Most of the correctional facilities praise the LBS software. It is reason enough to keep them clinging on Securus Technologies.


Arthur Becker’s Name is finally in the New York Real Estate Developers’ List

After a series of behind-the-scenes investments in property development in New York City, Arthur Becker now wants to dip his feet fully into the industry. According to a recent report, the technology and finance guru is planning to develop a $52.5 million condominium project along 465 Washington Street in Tribeca. The condo will be the first project bearing Becker’s name and is expected to have about ten stories and eight units. When talking to The Real Deal recently, Becker said that Paris Forino would take charge of condo’s interior design.

The History of 465 Washington

465 Washington was initially a five-story building owned by Peter Moore, an Architect who had unsuccessfully tried his luck in the industry. After failing to raise funds to offset his $4.7 million loan from VFC Partners, Moore sold the building to Arthur Becker in 2012 at an estimated price of $6.1 million. Upon the purchase, Becker also acquired development rights for an undisclosed fee from the owner of a neighboring condo. Another payment that was in excess of one million dollars was paid to the Ponte family for an easement that reinforces the building.

Future Projections

465 Washington is projected to be complete by 2019. Upon completion, the building is expected to house seven single unit apartments with each unit going for $5 million. On top of the building, about 2,000 sq. ft. to 4000 sq. ft. will be reserved for a penthouse that will give a panoramic view of the New York City. The asking price of the penthouse is expected to be not less than $14 million.

According to Arthur Becker, he will be seeking for a construction loan to the tune of $25 million for the project. About the low demand for luxury apartments in the recent past, Becker is hopeful that 465 Washington will receive a better market reception, more details can be found on Bloomberg.

About Arthur Becker

According to Page Six, Arthur Becker makes his real estate investments through Madison Partners LLC where he is a managing member. Through Madison, he recently acquired three townhouses in New York.

Since graduating from Tuck School of Business and Bennington College, Becker has been involved with several techs and financial firms, including NaviSite, Atlantic Investors LLC, and Zinio. Becker has spent the better part of his 43-year career holding executive positions.

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My mission to full, shiny and beautiful hair with Wen by Chaz

Wen by Chaz is a top choice for hair care. This cleansing conditioner system conveniently takes the place of your deep conditioner, detangler as well as your shampoo. With a mixture of natural ingredients and botanicals you can’t go wrong. Cleanse and condition your hair without worrying about damage. WEN offers plenty of specific options for hair types making it easy to choose the correct line to suit your individual hair.

The following is a review, which was originally seen on Bustle, that recaps one girls mission to fuller and shinier hair. She chose the ‘Fig’ option to achieve moisture, bounce and shine. To read her full story including daily pictures, click on this link:

Day One: Hair felt thicker and was shinny and bouncy after the first cleansing

Day Two: Hair has absolutely wonderful volume

Day Three: Great hair day! Hair was shinny and beautiful still at the end of the day

Day Four: Product held up another day

Day Five: New regime is working beautifully. This product is great

Day Six: Definitely getting optimal results. Friends were starting to notice how much more healthy and beautiful hair is looking

Day Seven: Would recommend this product if you want fuller and shinier hair.

To order Wen products online, visit the website or click this link:

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Bernardo Chua Makes Earning Easy For ORGANO’s Independent Distributors

In early 2017, Chief Executive Officer Bernardo Chua of ORGANO announced that his company is now a proud member of the Direct Sellers Association of Canada (DSA). “We offer an entrepreneurship opportunity that only the direct selling business model can speak to and have remained focused on upholding exceptional business practices and industry ethics throughout our global markets,” said Chua, who knew from the start that having independent representatives sell his company’s products was the ideal business model. Read more: Organo Gold Review 2012

As a direct selling veteran, he knew that having distributors explain the benefits of Ganoderma mushroom enhanced organic coffee would not only result in more sales, it would give individuals an opportunity to start their own business.

Currently, ORGANO operates in more than 50 countries and in 2016; over 400,000 independent ORGANO distributors enjoyed the income opportunity the company provides.

Organo’s coffees, teas and other Ganoderma-infused products are not sold in retail stores; however, they are available on the company’s website for the retail price or from an independent distributor, whose income from ORGANO’s compensation plan depends on his or her efforts.

Bernado Chua continuously creates new ways for Organo’s distributors to earn more money. In 2015, he started the Preferred Customer Rewards Program, which North American distributors can promote. The program saves customers money if they have coffee auto-shipped to them each month.

Having released the first product in ORGANO’s OGX line of nutritional merchandise in 2016, Bernardo Chua is giving the company’s independent distributors the U.S. and Canada the opportunity to branch out into the weight management sector. OGX FENIX, a whey protein drink with Ganoderma, is the first of ORGANO’s weight management products.

According to PR News Wire, Bernardo Chua, along with Shane Morand and Holton Buggs Jr., established the OG Cares Foundation to support, motivate and mentor at-risk youth.

The foundation’s latest projects include the OG Cares Children’s Resource Center in India, which serves mentally handicapped children and donating food to the House of Mercy Children’s Home in Nigeria.

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