Earning An Income With Traveling Vineyard

There are dozens of direct marketing companies that offer many individuals a source of income. One of the most popular, up and coming, companies is The Traveling Vineyard. The company offers a wide variety of unique wines. They also offer their teammates a variety of benefits and perks.

Individuals who join the team at Traveling Vineyard are called “Wine Guides.” The starter kit, also known as the Success Kit, comes with everything needed to begin a career as a Wine Guide. The starter kit costs under $200 and includes enough wine for two tasting events, glasses, carrying case, and other wine essentials. The Success kit also includes all the necessary paperwork to begin a successful business; brochures, business cards, flyers, and guides. The starter kit also includes an online training program and a personal website to use for 3 months for free.

The earning potential with Traveling Vineyard will be determined by how much time and effort is put into building the business. Wine tasting events are the best way to earn income with Traveling Vineyard. Wine Guides can earn up to 35% of the commissions on their sales. The average commission check per wine tasting events is around $100. However, the more members in your team and the more you have sales will increase the earning potential.

Besides the earning potential, flexibility is another reason why joining Traveling Vineyard is a great idea. Wine tastings, online sales, and other promotions are all done on your own time. You can schedule it around another job, school or family responsibilities.

There is no minimum sales requirements or monthly sales fees that are required of Wine Guides. The Guides are not required to keep wine in stock, except for their tasting sets, either. All the wine is shipped directly from the warehouse to the client.

The Traveling Vineyard Wines Concept

In 2001, in Tampa, Florida, the first home meeting for Traveling Vineyard Wines was held with great success. Similar to the concept that Tupperware and Pampered Chef have used for years, the home party concept would seem to be a natural for wine tasting. The idea is to get a person to host a party in their home in exchange for some rewards, namely in this case some free wine.

A trained consultant from the Traveling Vineyard Wines company is there to display the wines and talk about them, what types of meals they are appropriate for, and of course to sell the wines that are being displayed. It seems to have worked as the company has experienced steady growth over the years. The concept is very appealing; the wines are good wines according to those who have attended the home parties.

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Probably in most areas of the country, there is not a lot of consultants yet, even though Traveling Vineyard has been in business for quite a few years. There would seem to be a good opportunity for those people who are entrepreneurial in nature to be able to find out more about becoming a consultant. There are many people who are consultants who are making their living that way. Just like anything else where a person has their own business, they will get out of it just about what they put into it in the way of effort and resources.

The mission of The Traveling Vineyard Wine company is to bring people together in a home atmosphere in a relaxed nature to have an entertaining and enjoyable experience with the tasting and informative session about different wines and their uses.

The Traveling Vineyard Brings The Joy Of Wine Tasting To Every Home

From the end of the 20th century and into the 21st century the love of wines has become a major part of the lives of millions of people around the world; however, the problem many face is how and where to get the best in wines at a decent price. We would all love to head to wine producing country and take part in tastings, but this is not always possible and often leaves us in a wine tasting rut. The Traveling Vineyard is looking to change the way everybody samples and orders wine by making wine tastings a fun, affordable, and social event enjoyed in the home of a customer.

The idea for The Traveling Vineyard can be traced back to its founder Rick Libby in 2001, who used the skills he had developed in the wine industry and had the idea for a plastic container style social event selling model that would bring affordable wines directly into the homes of potential customers. The benefits for the wine party host include the chance to enjoy a party where the wine is provided for free and information on foods to compliment a wine are also made available; party hosts also get the chance to earn free bottles of wine and enjoy special offers designed exclusively for them.

For guests at The Traveling Vineyard tasting events the chance to enjoy a range of wines priced under $30 that cannot be found anywhere else in the U.S. is a major bonus. For those who choose to embark on a career, or second career as a Wine Guide the chance to be part of a team that enjoys huge rewards in both the financial and satisfaction sense. Almost everybody who enjoys drinking a glass of wine has dreamed of learning more about wine but been put off by the high price tags of extensive wine courses; The Traveling Vineyard provides access to Online courses, wine tasting guides, and expert assistance to make sure every Wine Guide becomes an expert capable of answering most questions about the wines they are working with.

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