Redefining alternative investment with Mark Okada of Highland Capital Management

Mark Okada is an influential business personality in the world of finance. He one of the founders of Highland Capital Management and currently serves as the company’s chief investment officer. This professional oversees the growth of the company’s assets in the firm’s headquarters in Dallas. Read more about James Dondero at


Mark Okada’s role at Highland Capital Management

Mark Okada is among the few people who have led Highland Capital Management into the multi-billion franchise it has become. He is one of the principals of Highland Capital Management, an alternative investment firm in the United States. He works alongside professionals such as James Dondero, the company’s president. This finance guru has been working in this firm since it was launched in more than two decades ago.

Mark Okada is also the manager of the Highland Floating Rate Opportunities Fund, one of the subsidiaries of the company. At Highland Capital Management, this executive is in charge of leading the company’s board of directors as well as managing the retail and investment platforms. Among the company’s services he specializes in include;

  • Separate loans
  • Hedge fund solutions,
  • Special situation private equity
  • Collateralized loan obligations

About Mark Okada

This seasoned professional has acquired knowledge and expertise from working with various organizations. He is known to have ventured in this sector three decades ago. Mark Okada is a cum laude of the University of California with a degree in economics and psychology. He has also a certified Chartered Financial Analyst. This professional has worked with numerous organizations that deal in alternative credit investing. Visit to know more about him.

His vast experience has earned him membership on various boards including that of NexBank Capital and Education is Freedom. Mark Okada has also been featured in various television programs in media houses such as CNBC discussing matters of investing. He also has a passion for missionary work and is a key player in the Japanese Evangelical Missionary Society and the Common Grace Ministries.


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