From Medicine to Entrepreneurship

According to Ad Week, Alexei Beltyukov is a Russian entrepreneur and philanthropist who began his career in the field of medical research and quickly transitioned into the world of finance and business management due to the collapse of the Russian medical industry. Currently, he is the Chairman of New Gas Technologies, a company that he founded in 2006.

To better equip himself for the new career path he had chosen, Alexei pursued an MBA from INSEAD. He has had several other qualifications subsequently after, including one for an executive program on disruptive technologies from Singularity University.

He has founded numerous companies over the years which have all been extremely successful in their respective fields. He is extremely well read regarding the area of finance and business management. Through his years of experience, he has gained immense knowledge in matters regarding corporate development, financial modeling, angel investing, business planning and investment banking.

In 2013, Alexei Beltyukov founded Endemic Capital, a company geared towards investing into global technologies.

One of-of more well-known achievements would be the establishment of SOLVY. SOLVY worked an online application that gave students access to quality education in the field of mathematics. The primary focus was to provide students who saw a potential in the subject, an opportunity to learn more. Learn more about more Alexei Beltyukov:

Particularly in the case where schools could not provide kids with a higher level of education, this app proved extremely useful. Currently, Alexei serves as the Director of the company.

In addition to providing students with general aid with their math, the application also allows teachers to have access to a host of math teaching tools which can help them and their students immensely.

Alexei Beltyukov also provides the Russian government with much-needed insight into economic problems that the country might be facing. He is also the Vice President of Skolkovo, an organization geared towards helping Russian startups and also international companies that are looking to venture out into the Russian markets.