Roberto Santiago Builds Massive Mall to Boost His Hometown

Roberto Santiago developed one of the most well-known shopping malls in Brazil, the Manaira Shopping Mall. The mall offers more amenities than any other in the region. It has been expanded five times since it was first launched. It is one of the largest shopping centers in Paraiba’s capital.


When you get tired of shopping, take a break and see a movie in 3D. There are 11 different rooms for cinema. There are VIP rooms that allow for exclusive gatherings. The entertainment hall is set up like a stadium configuration If you like games, visit the game station. This area is about 1800 sq. meters and has over 200 different game machines. If you are a bowler, you can enjoy the fully electronic bowling alley. There is a gym as well. The entertainment area has a snack bar for popcorn and other treats. Visit to read more.


The mall has a variety of dining venues to satisfy your tastes. Relax in the dining area with your family and friends and try a variety of different foods. There are a number of different gourmet restaurants in the Mall. There is a food court with a variety of options also. A steak house is located there, as well as a hamburger restaurant.

Concert Hall

The Manaira Mall has the largest concert hall in the area. It is an air-conditioned spacer that has a modern sound system for great listening enjoyment. The Domus Hall attracts national and international talent to the city. The Hall is also available for rent for other events. Many people rent the space for weddings, company presentations and more.

The Manaira Mall offers a variety of shops and venues so that you can find the things you want. You may just enjoy browsing through the various shops or window shop. If you are planning a vacation to Brazil, stop by the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall. You will be impressed with the shops there.

Roberto Santiago believes that the Mall will be a boost to the local job market as well as provide a place for local residents to shop. It is expected to draw many people and it is hoped that it will draw in tourists as well. Read more on