JD.Com Adds the Hungarian Wine to Its Online Retail Portfolio

JD.com continues to supply its online customers with different products to help them choose their favorite brands. The company has continued to dominate China’s online retail market over the years because of its innovation expertise. The new product to find its way to the Jingdong’s portfolio is the Hungarian wine.JD.com collaborated with Grand Tokaj, the Hungarian top wine producer in launching the product.
The collaboration between Jingdong and Grand Tokaj marks a new beginning for the online retailer. Hungarian wine became the first product from the winery to hit China’s e-commerce market. Grand Tokaj would benefit through JD.com’s aggressiveness in marketing and top-notch delivery strategies.

The drone and other top-rated delivery services would allow the customers to receive the products. Additionally, Jingdong would help the winery in advising on the products needed in the Chinese market. JD.com’s powerful platform would provide the necessary insights that would improve the marketing of Hungarian wine.

Grand Tokaj operates from Tokaj-Hegyalja Wine Region, an area known for producing the best wine in Hungary. Tokaji Aszú is one of the Grand Tokaj’s brands prepared through noble rot process that involves the usage of grapes. The process dates back to the 17th century, specifically in 1630.

According to JD.com statistics, the customers received the products in a significant way. The first 10 hours since the launching period that took place between April 17 to 22 saw the sale of 1,000 bottles of Tokaji Aszú, the winery’s signature. Besides, the brand’s online store in the Dingdong’s platform attracted 400,000 followers on the same day the launching took place. JD.com admitted that such fast accumulation of followers involving alcoholic products slightly matched that of baijiu giant Moutai.
Jingdong’s FCMG President, Carol Fung appreciated the winery’s decision to work with JD.com. She admitted that the Chinese market for imported wine is ripe. She added that having the winery as the first company to provide sweet wine to the JD.com’s platform is a positive move. The Jingdong’s analysis proved that more than three-quarters of Chinese wine consumers go for the imported brands mostly Women and the young generation.

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How Brian Torchin Established The HCRC Staffing

Mr . Brian Torchin is the Chief Executive Officer of HCRC Staffing. He has been working in the medical field for a considerable duration of time. The HCRC staffing was established when Brian started allocating his numerous offices to various professionals such as therapists and doctors among others. He always ensures that the company’s customers are given excellent customer services all over the world. The company is ranked as the top most company in the healthcare sector, providing both consultancy and also staffing services to clients.

Brian Torchin pursued a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from the University of Delaware. He later on pursued his Chiropractic degree which enabled him to establish a Chiropractic clinic after he was done with his studies. As time went by, Brian came up the HCRC staffing company. The company’s main objective is to always provide a well experienced and suitable employee for a specific position in any healthcare company. Brian Torchin terms employee turn over as a very crucial problem that has been affecting the healthcare industry for a long period of time. His company is therefore ready to provide a solution to that problem.

Brian displays his positive mindset and commitment to his work through the encouraging posts and reviews that he makes on his Facebook wall. He posts links to the various services that his company offers. Due to his rare invention, Brian has also been featured in several media outlets such as the Digital Journal, Topix.com, Examiner.com and many others.

The usage of Brian Torchin’s healthcare services advantageous since they are reliable when it comes to providing well qualified employees and also offered in a professional way. This innovative man makes use of the Electronic commerce business model. His main objective is getting different jobs for professionals in the healthcare industry. Learn more: https://www.behance.net/briantorchin