Article Title: The RealReal: The New Way To Shop For Recycled Items

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A circulating economy means to recycle things with the environment and finances in mind. When thinking about fashion consider looking into The RealReal for a modern and trendy experience. The RealReal is a shopping outlet that takes this economic principal into real life play. The stores market used brand-name clothing at a discounted price. The discounted price does that mean that it is a cheap or poorly made items. The discounted price just reflects that the pieces once had a previous owner.

The RealReal stores can be found in larger cities across the United States, such as New York and Los Angeles. The establishments have real stores plus they offer services online. The online shop display the same items that are found on the store shelves and racks. The online shopping experience allows the person to have a good feel of the quality of the product due to the company’s high-end photography standards.

The RealReal is also helping change the environment shirt-by-shirt and purse-by-purse. Each time a new piece of clothing is made, the fabric must be harvested from the earth and then the product must be created in a factory. Research, complete in 2018, noted the impact of clothing on the environment. It showed the creation of fabric and clothing created emissions, which can have harmful effects on the earth.

An experience shopping at The RealReal online or on site can be unbelievable and inspiring. The items are genuine, and you know that because the employees that select the clothing to be sold are trained to look for small details that secretly tell if an item is a reproduction. Some of the brands and items you can find our Gucci handbags, brand name running shoes, and high-end high heels.

The RealReal hopes to bring a change in the environment with its method of circulating the economy and clothing. This circular motion can help make an impact on the earth by helping reduce carbon. The new business model can change the quality of good in our wardrobe and how much we spend on them.

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