Name Dropping–Why a Strong Name Is Relevant to Your Online Rep

I’ll start this article off with a question: what’s in a name? A name can actually be more valuable than the dollars generated as a strong, reputable name carries potential to be widely known, respected, or even feared (in terms of authority).

What we do online whether it’s simply leaving a comment on a Youtube video or that 160 character rant you decided to tweet out gradually adds or subtracts to your name’s definition. Without restraint or exercising strategic expression, we could sabotage our ability to reach people which will only damage our earning potential.

In an article titled How to Protect Your Online Reputation in 2017 by Ryan Erskine, he defines our online reputation as “the information people find about you online.” He further establishes that hiding behind privacy settings and shady usernames is a false fail safe if your name is tarnished by anonymous sources and unknown entities.

Then What’s the Solution?

Content. Genuine, hardcore, well created content produced by you and for you. Content that you control; content that demonstrates your expertise, knowledge, care and contribution that will elevate others.

“Content is king” is said so much now that its core meaning is almost watered down. However, when it comes to building a solid name that can greatly appreciate in net value, then content needs to be crowned king. In today’s society, it’s almost a necessity. But the content you produce has to focused and purposed. If the content created is randomly hashed out, pure emotional responses, and unintelligent commentary, then you are harboring an online rep that says, “I’m just another internet troll with nothing to do.”

So when people think of your name, what comes to mind? How is Google defining your name? What electronic paper trail have you fed Google, YouTube, blog sites, and social media that leads back to people understanding who you are?

If you have not bothered to control your online narrative in the past, then it’s time to now to begin treading lightly for the story of your future.