The Case Of Cotemar In Corporate And Commercial Platforms Of Mexico

Cotemar is a Mexican oil and gas company that specializes in the exploration of offshore fields. The company also engages in construction and maintenance activities including catering and accommodation, personnel and supplies transport via specialized vessels, and maritime support activities. Cotemar engages in the drilling of oil and gas as a typical petroleum company. The company’s activities, however, goes beyond the normal operations of the gas and oil industry to the provision of everything required for the successful running of oil and gas drilling operations including looking after the welfare of all the personnel in the oil and gas industry. Cotemar further offers internship opportunities to various higher education institutions across Mexico in various oil and gas companies. The company creates employment in the gas and oil industry as part of its campaign to boost the country’s economy.


Cotemar ventured into the oil and gas industry in 1979 as a small company. Initially, Cotemar specialized in the offer of accommodation and catering to oil and gas industries personnel. The company later acquired a specialized vessel for light materials and personnel transport. Cotemar added maintenance services to its product inventories. After a decade of successful business, Cotemar ventured into oil and gas business after acquiring its first rig for accommodation and food services. Cotemar expanded its business by investing in five more rigs and two more specialized vessels. Currently, Cotemar is among oil and gas giants after acquiring three semisubmersible rigs as well as more specialized ships and cranes, which modernized its construction, engineering and maintenance operations.


Cotemar guarantees mobility of its employees along the career ladder by offering growth and development program. The company commits a huge chunk of its resources to the development of its employees’ potential. Accordingly, Cotemar runs innovative training and workshops course. The company partnered with global and national universities to train staff. Cotemar’s career growth and development program reflect its belief in its employees’ human resource competence as its unique competitive advantage over its competitors. The company human resource development program further reflects its commitment to development, recruitment, and retention of its employees.


Cotemar engages in several sustainability initiatives as its corporate social responsibility agenda. Among them include business ethics that articulates its commitment to the environment, social and economic issues. Socially, Cotemar looks after the welfare of its employees and their families by offering industrial safety, equity program, health, education, and sports that foster a work-family balance. On the environment scene, Cotemar participates in sustainable activity programs such as environmental care and awareness as well as good practices to reduce externalities and programs targeted at environmental protection. At the community level, Cotemar contributes to the welfare of the society by offering employment opportunities, health promotion, and through sports and cultural events.

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