Neurocore is a research group that for years has been researching the benefits of brain training. They have had a huge amount of success to the point that the group has opened different clinics all over the country. With the opening of the new clinics, there has been a lot of work to try to get insurance companies to pay for the treatments that are becoming more widespread and recognized. The brain training treats all type of people from bipolar disorder to simple anxiety and ADHD. Those that get the treatments report that their lives are forever changed for the positive as with the work they are able to reduce the amount of medication they are on or eliminate it completely. Beyond that patients report that their quality of life is just so much better than what it was before. Thus, Neurocore is leading the way in neurological research that results in medication-free treatments for conditions of the brain. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

The group was also the first group to prove that people with these conditions actually have different brain function than other people but that it can be corrected through intense brain training. The brain training though is something that must be maintained but the patients of the clinics find this a very small price to pay for their freedom to live their life the way that they want.


As the popularity and expansion have increased the group is now looking for a lot of new employees to fill the gaps where they just don’t have enough people. Traditionally speaking most people that do get hired on to the company stay for a long time reporting that it is a highly supportive environment to work in; the type of people that the company is looking for is highly motivated individuals with customer service experience and an education of either psychology or neurology. To find the open positions in the company you can go online and narrow the search based on location so that you can see only the positions that are in the area you are either in or wish to move to. Read more about Neurocore at