Scottish Writer And Military Officer Alastair Borthwick

There are not that many well-known figures from history coming out of Scotland, but Alastair Borthwick has managed to become well-known all over the world for his contributions as a writer and military officer during the second world war. Alastair spent the majority of his life in Scotland, writing and traveling around the country to take in the sites and breath in the culture. Over the years, Alastair took on many different jobs, including a journalist, editor, intelligence officer, and radio correspondent. Alastair Borthwick will be remembered most for his writing on the Scottish outdoors, which has attracted thousands of visitors in recent decades, some of which even decide to stay in Scotland.

Alastair was proud of his Scottish descent, which is why he had no qualms about serving his country in the second world war as an intelligence officer. Despite being focused on journalism and the radio, Alastair did his part and acted as an intelligence officer for the military as part of the 5th battalion until the war ended. During this time, Alastair was traveling along with his battalion which was known as the Seaforth Highlanders. Not only was this the name of his military unit during the war, but it became known as one of his most famous books that became a best seller in its first year after release. The Seaforth Highlanders was the story of the 5th battalion and the journey they took across several different nations. Although they participated in battle, the best parts of the book were of times when fighting was avoided. The Seaforth Highlanders was republished in the 1990s and it became an instant best seller again across Scotland.

Alastair continued to write for the entirety of his life after settling down with his wife and kids. Alastair Borthwick passed away in 2003 while staying at a nursing home in Beith, but his contributions to the nation and his many published works will live on to inspire thousands of people for years to come.