Trolls Attack Marion Cotillard’s Wikipedia Page With Devastating Results

Wikipedia is a powerhouse. Millions of people use the website from all over the world which drives up search results in Internet search result algorithms. When you type in anybody’s name, you are likely to find a Wikipedia page at the top of the search results. And despite the fact that Wikipedia is user generated much like social media content, the vast majority of people trust Wikipedia as they would trust an encyclopedia. Essentially, any information about you or a celebrity that appears when someone decides to make a Wikipedia page is taken as truth of the general public. In the end, if you want to win the information work, you want to control and update a Wikipedia page about yourself.

For evidence of this, you do not have to look any further than the case of Marion Cotillard. Ms Marion is a 40-year-old French actress famous for being in such movies as Inception. The beautiful French actress is currently costarring with Brad Pitt on a movie to be released very soon called Allied, a World War II action movie. But after the war, they retire to England where Brad Pitt is given troubling news from the English government — his wife is a double agent.

But more drama seem to have been unfolding on the set of the movie. People on the set remarked that Brad Pitt and the French actress were having an affair unbeknownst to Angelina Jolie. There were also rumors that Brad Pitt got caught up in the party scene while on set in England, but it’s the affair that caught the Internet’s imagination. And that’s where talented Internet hackers took over the French actresses Wikipedia page.

The Wiki edits to or paid were subtle yet profound. One of the tweaks managed to list her occupation as a cheater. And of course this means millions of people from around the globe were getting this information and taking it as truth.

To defend yourself from this you can hire professional Wikipedia writers from a services such as Get Your Wiki. After all, you cannot change the information on your own Wikipedia page. They can also look over your Wikipedia page, making sure nobody changes any information like they have done with Marion Cotillard. In the end, you can win the information war with Wikipedia editors you can trust by your side.