Mark Mofid: Performing Gluteal Augmentation

Nowadays, people consider plastic surgery as a growing trend. Many people are no longer ashamed of getting a reconstructive surgery just to look good, and as a result, the industry started to grow tremendously. Those who benefit from the growth of the sector are the plastic surgeons themselves, and one of them is Dr. Mark Mofid. He is considered as one of the most famous plastic surgeons in the United States, and his services are being performed on celebrities and socialites. He also has his clinic, called the Mofid MD Facs – Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, located in California. People who are interested in his services would set up an appointment with him, and through the years of performing his profession, Dr. Mark Mofid managed to create a vast amount of fortune.

One of the surgeries that are gaining traction in the world today is the gluteal augmentation procedure. According to Dr. Mark Mofid, gluteal augmentation is the fixing of someone’s butt, making it look rounder and more prominent. This method is known in layman’s term as the Brazilian butt surgery, and he stated that there is a rising demand for the operation. However, he warned those who wanted to get the surgery that it is not fit to be given to everyone, and one must pass a physical examination because they can proceed. Regardless of his discouragement to the people to pursue a gluteal augmentation surgery just for the sake of aesthetics, many people are still visiting his clinic to get their butts fixed, ignoring the possible harmful effects of the procedure to the body.

Today, Dr. Mark Mofid keeps on doing reconstructive surgery at this clinic. He can also do a lot of services that would enhance someone’s aesthetics, like liposuction and facial services. He stated that as the number of customers who would like to get his treatment increases, he would be forced someday to build another clinic to accommodate those who are visiting him. He thanked the public for their continued support of his business, and he promised that he would be looking for more knowledge to serve the people better.

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