Talk Space Launches an App for Online Therapy

It only takes a click at the mouse followed by a tap on your app, and you have instant access to an inexpensive therapy session. That is what the new online tools and technology are all about. Using the web is pretty convenient especially for the people who find it comfortable to use the internet in seeking psychotherapy help. But prior to signing up, logging in, and even initiating a chat, there are key points to consider. Talk Space Therapy is sharing some of the fundamental tips you need to consider before delving into online therapy.


Telepsychology is the term used to refer to therapy delivered online. You may have come across it in your search for online therapy, text therapy or text therapy. Anytime you interact with a therapist through a website; you could be taking telepsychology services. And Talk Space Therapy is one such platform that offers such services.


Talk Space is a platform established to confront conventional therapy, which involves pairing licensed therapists with individuals or couples. This has been failing of late. For that reason, the likes of Talk Space are taking over and disseminating invaluable therapeutic services to meet the growing demand of patients who need mental health care.

Statistics and Contribution

About 20% of Americans who have mental illness have been living without receiving treatment for some time. Dozens of start-ups are attempting to solve this problem by creating viable treatment solutions for patients. None of them has managed to beat Talk Space at its game as recently; the company launched an app that will allow clients to access online therapists in order to determine the right prescriptions for their mental health issues.


Besides expanding its prescription drug space, Talk Space is bringing its platform to universities by providing its services to the people through employee assistance programs. The services will be seconded by fraternities that have teamed up to help college students. With that said, millennials will find the app useful as they are more open about their mental these days. Since the organization is in talks with likeminded individuals as well, many partners are joining the team to support the service delivery of online therapy.