Commitments of Lori Senecal in the Advertising Industry

The internet has played a significant role in the world of digital marketing. Most thriving organizations are beginning to adopt guerilla-advertising techniques in the traditional promotional campaign. Precisely, the guerrilla-marketing tactic works well through staged events that use promotional models, costumed promoters and unusual types of signage. Interestingly, Lori Senecal is among the remarkable and competent individuals working diligently to revolutionalize the advertising industry by binding social media platforms, technologists, and advertising experts. Led by Senecal, the team uses appealing images and other creative means in the most accessed media channels to attract the attention of buyers. Facebook, Ad blocking, Google, mobile advertising, and the use of real people are among the top current trends in the advertising industry.

Facebook is a huge internet platform with an overwhelming number of users across the globe. With the new technology, most marketing agents have turned to Facebook marketing recently. To marketing prospects, Facebook is not only a social platform but also a creative channel to market their products by innovatively engaging with their target clients. For instance, companies like CP +B have always been in the front line to encourage their clients to make use of Facebook’s unparalleled advantage to link with their target customers through bi-directional communication and creative engagement. According to Lori Senecal, Facebook advertising works best when advertisers have a goal, plan, and create effective Facebook ads that incorporate appealing visual experience, take account of real people, tap into human emotions, and eliminates aggravations among many others.

According to Fast Company, Lori Senecal is currently serving as the President and Global CEO of Crispin Porter & Bogusky, LLC. The powered business leader is among the creative leaders in the digital marketing industries. Actually, she coordinates close to 10 international offices at CP +B. Lori Senecal started her professional career at Interpublic Group companies. She has been running the organization’s business culture for 2 years now.

Due to her hard-working culture, CP + B were enlisted among the creative innovators of the year in 2016. The New York-based, Lori Senecal has helped the CP + B firm by raising its revenues by 21% through creative risk taking techniques. For instance, for Lori Senecal, creativity is not only a talent to her but also a behavior. Follow Lori Senecal on Twitter.

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Orange Coast College

A former instructor at Orange Coast College (OCC) recently made a considerable contribution of $1 million intended for the new planetarium the college is building.

Ninety-one year old retired professor Mary McChesney said in a statement while she has aged, her love for the college is very much full of life and the gift is an assurance for a stimulating future. The gift was devised as a mark of respect for her late partner, Adelyn Bonin, also a professor at the college, who passed away earlier this year.

The gift will equip OCC with a Foucault pendulum, a piece of equipment used to display the rotation of the Earth.

McChesney taught English and Spanish for 33 years before she gave up her work at the college, according to a story at She continued to be an on-going donor to the Orange Coast College Foundation and to scholarships.

Doug Bennett, executive director of the Orange Coast College Foundation, said there were conversations about McChesney’s gift but he could never have envisioned her benevolence.

According to Bennett, the inclusive budget is roughly $20 million with the greater part of the funding issued from a 2012 bond measure and contributions of $2.6 million including McChesney’s.

Orange Coast College laid the foundation for the new planetarium last year with the intent to launch the planetarium before the 2018 fall semester. The new facility will entail a 129-seat auditorium compared to the 35 seats available in the old planetarium and an exhibit hall that highlights a sphere display globe.

The new planetarium will be available to not only OCC students but to students in kindergarten through high school as well as community residents.

Orange Coast College, which was founded in 1947, currently provides 24,000 undergraduate students with two year associate of art and science degrees and certificates of achievements in the trades, licenses trades and skilled professions.

The 164 acre campus of Orange Coast College is situated in Costa Mesa, California. Orange Coast College ranks first of Orange County’s community college in the number of students it transfers to the University of California and California State University.

Andrew Rocklage: Chasing Entrepreneurship

With dreams of becoming an entrepreneur and independent businessman, Andrew Rocklage has recently taken the leap towards his goal. Possessing a diverse background and an ever-changing to-do list, Andrew managed to tackle all obstacles and propel himself above and beyond his greatest expectations.

The once upon a time lawyer, currently operates a well known and globally established franchise. Although nothing came with ease, the self dependency and hard work ethic of Andrew allowed him to follow his dreams.

Andrew’s career first began to form in 2009. The Boston native graduated from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst-Isenberg with a Bachelors of Science.

The Cum Laude graduate shared a keen interest in athleticism and fitness throughout his early college experience. He also studied Sports Management and Economics.

Constantly expending his knowledge, Andrew decided to continue his secondary studies. He enrolled into the Suffolk University Law School. In 2013, he completed his studies with a Juris Doctor Law degree. Between his previous srudies, Andrew manages to secure an internship position for Major League Lacrosse.

During his internship, Andrew developed an even higher interest in sports and fitness. While building various friendships, it was his reputation as a dedicated worker that would solidify him as one of the most notable names throughout Massachusetts.

Andrew put his hard earned law degree to use, securing a position as a law clerk. In just a short period of time, he became the Corporate Counsel for EPIRUS Biopharmaceutical company.

His job duties included legal counseling and legal advising for the entire company.

During his career with EPIRUS Biopharmaceutical company, Andrew began searching for businesses to open. Throughout his search, he came across a lifetime opportunity. An established business known as SkyZone became avaliable. Pursuing his intial dreams, Andrew quickly relocated to Florida where he opened his very first SkyZone franchise in 2015.

SkyZone is the wods largest indoor trampoline franchise. The store combines athleticism, family and fun together for all of its guest.

After the success of his first location, Anthony decided to open his second SkyZone location in Florida. Learn more about Andrew Rocklage: and

With a broad background in sports, business management and leadership, it comes as no suprise that Andrew’s SkyZone locations are amongst the most popular and well run of all.

Once considered an up and coming lawyer, Andrew now uses his time and energy towards his very own business. As they continue to florish, Anthony plans on growing and expanding his stores and the SkyZone brand.

His noticeable passion towards his personal achievements helped him attain his desired career goals. In just a few short years, Andrew Rocklage made the transformation from lawyer to entrepreneur.

Mike Baur’s Revolutionary Spirit That Led To The Start Of Swiss Startup Factory

Mike Baur started Swiss Startup Factory with his partners Max Meister and Oliver Walze in December 2014 to address the major complications faced by business entrepreneurs. He attributes the origin of the idea to motivation from his mentor Jean Claude Biver. Mike commented that their primal need to start Swiss Startup was to have a platform that fully funded by a private firm ,deferring from most accelerators which are under the government’s sponsorship.


Swiss Startup is greatly supported by enterprises that have a strong inclination towards financial tech firms. Other partners include Red Bull Media House, AMAG, and Helvetia. The organization majorly works with startup tech entrepreneurs looking for a boost into the international platform.


Mike Baur is a Freiburg native whose entrepreneurial spirit is an attribute he’s held since a tender age. Mike started his career in the finance arena and grew to become an expert before branching out independently to start Swiss. He became a managing partner at UBS in Zurich in 2000 and rose to become a chief executive officer after eight years. He received additional roles to privately draft the visionary plan for the firm that would set on a higher level among competitors.


Mike Baur is not slow to adapt to change when the previous path ceases to yield results. He left the banking industry when it proved to stop generating the necessary satisfaction. He persuaded some of his colleagues to join him in setting up a revolutionary organization whose benefits would override those of the bank. He commented that his growth is not limited to a particular industry or company and advises professionals to keep an observant eye on banking trends and make affirmative decisions to grow even when they may offset the pre-existing system.


Swiss Startup Factory offers a three month program entailing a mentorship, networking opportunity and office spaces that set the perfect environment for entrepreneurs to grow. Mike’s vision played a key role in affording Swiss Startup the 2016 Goldback Group and Fintech Fusion partnerships. Mike Baur gained an appointment as CTI Investment’s deputy managing director, adding to Swiss’ growth rate. Swiss Startup works in unison with Fintech to affect their mission in French, Germany and Switzerland with equal measure. Mike commented that the marriage is the core of the firm’s international growth, explaining that it helps to plan the use of resources and skillsets despite the difference in culture and language in the regions.


Paul Mampilly Achieves Great Success With Profits Unlimited

In the industry of investment, the largest newsletter is Profits Unlimited. The creator of this bulletin is Mr. Paul Mampilly. It has been a favorite of the investing community since 2016. It only one year, Profits Unlimited has crossed half a million readers. That has put the newsletter among the fastest growing ones in the industry of investment. In 2016, Mr. Paul Mampilly and Banyan Hill Publishing stepped into a partnership. That allowed profits Unlimited to go live for the community of investors.

Most recently, the newsletter of Profits Unlimited reached a new milestone for its audience. It March this year the newsletter crossed 60 000 subscribers. The purpose of this bulletin is to alert investors of new opportunities as well as to follow up on previous ones. There are eight pages in each edition of Profits Unlimited. The creator Mr. Paul Mampilly sends it out personally on the same date of every month. The newsletters have consistently been featuring a recommendation for a new stock. Over the next few weeks, Mr. Paul Mampilly also sends out follow ups to update his readers on how the recommendation has been performing so far and what is the deal with the stock.

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The creator of Profits Unlimited Mr. Paul Mampilly has been known in the community of investors before he created Profits Unlimited. Mr. Paul Mampilly used to be a part of Wall Street where he did business. He worked as a hedge fund manager, and he spends almost two decades at the job. He amassed a wealth of experience as a result. His eye for opportunity and analytical thinking helped him get the idea for Profits Unlimited as well as to establish himself as one of the experts in his line of work. Some of his previous professional experience has been sourced from his positions at ING, Kinetics International, Deutsche Bank and more.

In 2009, Mr. Paul Mampilly received an award for his accomplishments from the Templeton Foundation because he managed to turn an investment of fifty million into a profit of almost ninety million. That is a gain amounting to 76%. He managed to do that although the crisis in the financial sector was at its worst.


The Fight to Maintain Your Rights

Ever since the signing of the Declaration of Independence, our American society has went on a long journey to ensure that everyone, no matter race, ethnicity, place of origin, and many other identifying factors, are treated equally. The journey has not been easy, and it is far from over, but that is the purpose of having organizations that aim to work with Americans or those coming to America so that they can live the life they intend to live. Read more: Michael Larcey | Facebook

American Civil Liberties Union

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU for short) is one of the longest standing organizations working to protect individual rights and liberties under the Constitution and letter of the law.

The group was formed by civil liberties activists in 1920, a time where oppression of minority groups in America was rampant. Ever since then, the ACLU began working to crack down on oppressive policies and made significant stride in the areas of voting rights, free speech and the freedom to assemble. This included a Supreme Court victory in 1939 allowing unions to peacefully organize and assemble.

Also, the ACLU stood up for the Japanese minority who were being sent to internment camps in 1942. The ACLU is frequently called upon to make the case on why certain groups should be allowed the freedom to assemble, and they make constant victories to counteract the erosion of any civil liberties. The ACLU continually works in a modern setting as well.

Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were the co-founders for both the Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media. Their fight for migrant rights started when they were arrested from their homes by Sheriff Joe Arpaio after releasing the information that grand jury proceedings existed seeking reporter’s notes on certain articles covering the Sheriff.

This resulted in a 3.75 million dollar settlement in which they are using for their fund. The settlement money through the fund is used to support groups that advocate for civil, human, and migrants rights, fitting the agenda with which Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have founded their careers upon as reporters in Arizona. Going through the hardship of illegal detention has given rise to one of the country’s most rigorous and persistent groups to fight for underrepresented voices in America.

Amnesty International

This is the world’s largest grassroots human rights organization. The group was created after two Portuguese students were jailed for raising glasses in a toast to freedom. The lawyer Peter Benenson was outraged, and wrote an article on the incident, receiving tremendous letters in response and sparking a movement in support of the students.

The collection of mass support became Amnesty International’s foundational structure. In modern times, the group works more specifically on issues relating to the global refugee crisis, and is working to stop the Trump administration’s immigrant ban.

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Kim Dao’s Acne Videos

Kim Dao is a successful Youtube makeup sensation that has helped provided women and men across the globe with great knowledge and information on beauty and many other topics. She has used her time on the site to empower people in the way that she can. In her videos, she is always coming up with interesting and new ways to improve your overall self esteem and makeup issues. The video that I love is the “How To: Remove Acne Scars” video. This video is very indepth and showcases a bit about how she deals with acne and the problems with acne scars that come along with it. Learn more:


She gives her best tips and recommendations on what she does to help soothe the scars. She recommends getting Aloe Vera Soothing Gel because it helps give the body what it needs in order to protect the skin and give it what it needs to heal. Healing the skin is the goal, and acne scars are usually just there and need good topical ointment in order to better improve and minimize how they are seen. Learn more:


Kim Dao also makes a couple of other great recommendations. She is a great and talented professional who knows and understands how this business and industry works. Kim Dao is ultimately such a great professional who knows the process of getting good skin and she loves sharing her knowledge with the world. Kim has great videos that are definitely worth watching if you want to learn about her take on skin. Learn more:


The Passionate Arthur Becker

Arthur Becker is recognized as businessman, entrepreneur and philanthropist. Other that these roles, he has the role of a family man. For over 22 years, he was married to Vera Wang. The two have two daughters aged 22 and 25 respectively. They are a happy family with the four attending a ceremony in France where their mum was being honored with Chevalier de l’Ordre for exemplary achievements in the field of fashion. For over seven years, Arthur Becker worked with Vera Wang Fashion as a fashion consultant. For the last 16 years, Arthur Becker has specialized in the acquisition of technology companies. One of the greatest companies that he has managed to acquire over time includes Navisite. He owned this company until the year 2010. He used to function as the chief executive officer and as the president. There was a time when Arthur Becker used to stay in a Buddhist Monastery. He then moved to Vermont where he started building homes with the 18th-century model. His first house as acquired by Vermont Gov. Thomas Salmon. This was back in the year 1977. You can visit Perez Hilton to know more.

According to NY Daily News, Arthur Becker grew up in Bristol Connecticut. During this period, he used to consult the Magic Eight ball. He was always keen on knowing what the future had in store for him. There was a time that he was living in Los Angeles. During this period, a friend managed to convince him to invest $1 million in a macadamia nut farm. This farm was situated in Hawaii. This investment took over four years to return his money. At the end of the day, he managed to make over $6 million from the project.

Arthur Becker has an old hobby of collecting old coins and currencies. In his collection are ancient African currencies from Nigeria, Angola and Cameroon. At the age of 66 years, he is still intrigued by the changes that are happening in the field of biotechnology. He has to spend his time managing project in New York and Miami. He is currently involved in a project that is located at 465 Washington Street where he is constructing high-end condos for sale.

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Orange Coast College Shows Teamwork at Its Best

Orange Coast College (OCC) is a community college in Orange County, California, United States. The college has their 65th place among many community colleges in the country. It is a pretty impressive result, but what makes this college great, is their rower’s team. Their primary mission is To provide student-athletes with the tools and the environment to succeed both academically and athletically.

Orange Coast College is the only community college in the country that fields a rowing team. Based in Newport Beach, CA, Coast competes against other four-year collegiate programs around the country and consistently produces top-quality teams.

A story about Orange Coast College rowers is proof that Hollywood has really hard task to keep up with the world of sports. Achievements of OCC rowers are amazing, and for sure they deserve a shot on the big screen.

The atmosphere is hot even during a workout early on Thursday, May 18, 2017, on Newport Bay in Newport Beach. Orange Coast College men’s crew head coach Cameron Brown made perfection from this team.

This year was extremely emotional for 22-year-old Daniel Amado, the captain of the start group. He was able to return to the sport he loves after a serious injury to his back which separated him from rowing. Learn more about Orange Coast College: and

Steve Morris, men’s assistant coach Is of immense importance to this team he is also a returnee in OCC rowers team thanks to a kind and thoughtful compromise with family which needed more of his time when he was the head coach in a long period during the 1990s.

His genius descriptions of this sport Are proof of how deeply he is devoted to success and how much he likes his job. “It’s the aesthetic,” Morris explains about the beauty and the art of rowing.

This crew deserves a lot of media attention, their results are fascinating. In long and fruitful team history (more than 60 years) which is valuable information in rowing, the school has captured 11 national titles. The latest was just last year.

The school has seen 10 of its students go on to compete in world championships and the Olympics. These brilliant young men’s, athletes and students give up more than 20 hours a week for hardcore pieces of training and blisters turned to calluses.

Team work and rowers dedication to the goal makes this sport the topic that the media should be sending out to the World more.

Jeremy Goldstein becoming successful with the help of new online portal

New Yorkers now have the ability to find a lawyer as soon as they need one, thanks to the New York State Bar Association and the Lawyer Referral and Information Service. The system is now up and running and is working and running smoothly. Living in New York, with all the people that surround each other, the need for a lawyer is probably an issue that comes up a lot and the problem of finding a good one is solved.


The new service which was launched by the New York State Bar Association’s Lawyer Referral and Information Services. The service is available 24 hours a day, allowing anyone who needs help, no matter time to find the right lawyer who can help their case. The New York Bar Association still offers their old phone service. The lawyers available through this service are in good standing and have been properly vetted. came together with the New York State Bar Association and launched this in support of New York residents and businesses who rely on New York laws.


This new service allows more people to receive this type of legal service, while not having to pay as much. The Lawyer Referral and Information Service has been praised for expanding New York lawyers’ practices across the state.


One lawyer you could end up being assisted by is Jeremy Goldstein. he is partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates. Jeremy Goldstein has advised many CEOs, management teams and corporations on a variety of issues including executive compensation and corporate governance.


Jeremy Goldstein has been a key factor in many of the nation’s corporate transactions over the last 10 years including the purchase of Goodrich by United Technolgies. Jeremy Goldstein has also written and spoken on a variety of legal issues including compensation.

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