David McDonald Shows the Importance of Customer-Trust

OSI Group is the largest producer of value-added foods in the world. This company has been around for over one century since it was established in 1912. It has well-established business operations in 17 different countries. The success of this company is attributed to good leadership. The input of CEO Sheldon Lavin and COO David McDonald OSI Group cannot be ignored. They have made sure that the company’s products are moved to the furthest corners of the world. OSI Group is currently doing very well in China where it started operating over 20 years ago. According to David McDonald, it is not easy for any business organization to move to a new location and record instant success.

However, OSI did not have a hard time blending with the consumers in China because the management had invested heavily in research work. David McDonald OSI Group had to go to China personally to see how the company would execute its operations. There was a need to study the business culture of the people before anything else could be done. It is learning what people want from producers of food products that can make any organization successful. The food industry is even complex and hard to learn since it is driven by the tares and preferences of consumers, which can at times varied. To satisfy the needs of as many consumers as possible is not a walk in the park, but with the right team, it’s is possible.

OSI Group has proved that it is possible to move to a new location and record immediate growth. David McDonald OSI Group says that the success of OSI Group in China comes after the implementation of a well-calculated expansion plan. Winning the trust of consumers was the most important thing they needed to do. They studied the business culture in the country and identified the products that were in line with the tastes of the people. David McDonald OSI Group believes that the role of any business is to provide consumers with the products they need and not what business owners think the consumers needs. Once the consumers see a business that listens to their needs, then the trust will automatically come.

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