Luke Lazarus’s Business Development Approach

The modern business industry is a place of infinite opportunities. The secret to making a name for one’s self is having the drive to see yourself succeed. Luke Lazarus is a well renowned business expert based out of Melbourne, where he advises and provides critical tips to trusted partners.

As an individual who graduated from Melbourne Business School, he was destined for greatness from day one. He earned an MBA at the young age of 24, and achieved unprecedented success by selling four firms by the age of 33. Luke Lazarus recently sat down for an online interview, where he discusses how he approaches the business market.

When it comes to developing a business from scratch, Luke Lazarus has a long list of guidelines that he sticks to closely. First, it start at the base level with knowing the company vision and available resources.

The key to getting off the ground is having your message resonate with an audience. Luke Lazarus then demonstrated his refined approach to presenting the concept to investors, and how to pinpoint the exact demographics to appeal towards.

The next is understanding the market. Having a clear idea of who will be buying and the expected profit margins will allow the business owner to make smarter decisions. Lastly, Luke Lazarus has developed the perfect system of trial and error for long term sustainability.

Luke Lazarus is a free spirit in the business world, but even he has developed a daily routine that maximizes productivity. He always begins his day with a meditation session. This allows him to clear his head and get mentally prepared. Read more: Luke Lazarus| Medium and Luke Lazarus Profile |

From here, its a race against the clock to get everything ready for the day ahead. Luke Lazarus has made it a point to visit the gym every single day of the week. In addition, he writes everything down. He knows that his client interactions might be brief and far between, but he wants to make sure they accomplish as much as possible.

As a business man, he finds the best ideas are the ones where product and story connect with a willing audience. The popularization of an experience over material goods has opened new economic possibilities that didn’t exist for previous generations.

Consumers want more than a good product, they want to support and follow along with a companies that represents their personal desires. Due to this rising consumer dynamic, Luke Lazarus cites pure luck and networks as the make or break factors for modern day businesses.

Luke Lazarus has taken on countless projects over the years. While many of these proposals brought their own unique challenges, he has never once doubted his ability to see the venture to the end.

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