EOS Lip Balm Debuts New Hemp Oil Line

Hemp and CBD are two common words that seem to be popping up in everything from cute little gummy bears to flavored oils to haircare and skincare products. This plant has become a very trendy part of the skincare world. EOS Lip Balm has been a trailblazer in the market for producing high quality, popular lip balms. The skincare company was not going to let this trendy plant pass them by. EOS is a fan favorite of beauty lovers due to its affordable pricing. Hemp and CBD infused beauty products are nothing new but selling these hemp inspired products at an affordable price is something pretty rare to be seen in the beauty world. EOS has found a way to wrap Hemp, moisture, and style into its signature sphere-shaped lip balms.

The marketing experts at the company are only launching a few units of this product. This new line will test the waters with the market. The company is looking for feedback and proof of sales to announce if the market is truly wanting this trendy herb to be a long-lasting staple of the EOS brand. Happy Herb and Baked Brownie are the two products that the company has launched for their hemp oil line. These two products have the hemp oil carrier oil as an ingredient. Anti-inflammatory benefits are one of the major highlights of hemp.

This micro batch marketing idea is one of the best ideas yet for the skincare company. Only putting out a few of the products out allows both the customers and company to analyze if hemp is trendy or if it’s here to stay. Once all the products of this micro-batch experiment are sold, no more will be launched. This is a creative play for the company. This allows the company the opportunity to tread into a new market without becoming an actual hemp skincare company. The most loyal customers of the company will most likely be the ones willing to give this new line with a new controversy ingredient a chance. Like always, this EOS line will offer customers premium quality at an affordable price.

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