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Jana Messerschmidt is a partner of Lightspeed Venture Partners which is a firm that specializes in investments in the earliest stages. To Jana Lightspeed is an opportunity to utilize her skills as an investor with an impressive portfolio of consumer, technology, enterprise, and cleantech market experience. She is particularly experienced in investing and advising. She is also the co-founder of #ANGELS which is an investment collective dedicated to helping women to have successful startups.

To Jana Lightspeed is a springboard to helping others to find the success that they have been seeking out and her background and experience makes her very qualified to help others to grow their businesses. She was previously Director of Business Development for Netflix and also Vice President of Global Business Development and Platform for the well known Twitter.

Jana has her Bachelor of Science in Science in Computer Engineering, and she is passionate about investing, hosting events, and conversations in order to build up a strong community. She also promotes the role of women in the frontier fields in the modern world. Jana Messerschmidt utilizes the effectiveness of checklists to keep herself organized and on top of things. She also likes to think about things in a logical light. She has been influenced by many strong women, and she likes to manage her commitments effectively.

She is very inspired and excited about how transportation is evolving and how it impacts people and cities. She has also made a few lucrative investments in this industry as an angel investor, and the Bird Scooter Company is one of the companies that she supports because she can see its potential. Jana takes notes to help her to be a better entrepreneur as well as to fulfill her duties at Lightspeed. She also believes in the importance of relationships.

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