Rebel Wilson learns how to make cakes on her 39th birthday

What is that one skill that you have been dying to learn? Everyone has something that they wish they could do, but they cannot because they have not found an opportunity. Read more: Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair

For Rebel Wilson, it was cake making. However, she is now a happy woman after her friends organized for a cake making class on her birthday. They took her to one of the finest bakers in town and ensured that she learned the basics about cakes. When she came out, she was so excited that she could not hide it from her Instagram followers.

Open to more learning

Rebel Wilson revealed that even though she is now 39, she has not stopped in her quest to learn new things. Every time she learns a new thing, it makes her a better person and it also impacts on her acting career.

She says that the film industry is all about learning new things and therefore, she wanted to do the same one her birthday. She said that attending classes such as this one improves her creativity. It could not have come at a better time, especially now that she is already in the middle of the production of her upcoming movie called Cats.

Taking Pizzas with her friends

After the class had been concluded, Rebel Wilson posted on line saying that she was heading to her place with the crew so that they could take some Pizzas and other delicacies. It was the culmination of a day that had been so eventful.

Before taking the classes, the crew had tried a new workout style called Catzercise. It is a complete workout that Rebel says that it can get one in the shape for the summer. In addition to that, she said that it a surprise from her friends, and so, she had to rehearse it for thirty minutes.

If you know about Rebel Wilson the successful film star, you should also know about her past when she was a child growing and studying in Australia. That is where she was born and raised before moving to America. Since her debut I 2002, she has remained active in the industry.

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