Matthew Fleeger assists the Sadie Keller Foundation

An article from lists a survivor of Leukemia named Sadie Keller, who is an 11-year-old girl, along with being a generous philanthropist and speaker. After undergoing her brutal fight with cancer, like many others, she started a non-profit labeled the Sadie Keller Foundation, which supports other children and families who are undergoing their battle with cancer. Sadie Keller had, unfortunately, gone through a grueling recovery process with a form of severe Leukemia that attacked bone marrow and blood. It took years for her to survive against this form of cancer, having missed school for an extended amount of time due to the treatments, but has been free of cancer since the middle of 2017. After all of this, Keller took it upon herself to help out other children who are undergoing the same thing, creating videos that detailed what they would go through and what she had to equally endure. At first, she was scared about what was going on with her, especially being a young kid and not understanding anything that was being said by the doctors, so she created short videos to educate others on what they are about to go through to break their fear and that they are not alone in the whole process. Sadie discovered that assisting others made her feel good and over time started to share her informative clips on YouTube after encouragement from her parents as the videos went viral, even appearing on ESPN. The videos truly helped children comprehend what they were exactly going through. The Sadie Keller Foundation was then created to increase funding for research on cancer. Matthew Fleeger hosted a toy drive to earn money for the foundation and was able to make 14,000 dollars with many toys donated. Fleeger was a big help to the foundation in delivering the toys to children. Sadie’s foundation works to give toys to children who are undergoing cancer treatments to help raise their morale and bring them happiness during recovery. Sadie Keller has spoken out about the very low funding for childhood cancer at events and many television programs.

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