A Pomp Beauty Event by L’Oréal Nicolas Krafft Company Goes Down in the French Capital

L’Oréal is a beauty and fashion powerhouse known for intricate, unique exotic to modern designs and high-end beauty products. During the 2018 annual fashion and beauty show where they celebrate those who have contributed to the growth of the industry went down in September 2018. It was a star-studded event, graced by the high and mighty who came dressed in their designer outfits for this landmarking occasion.

It is one opportunity where L’Oréal gets to showcase its products and creative designs for the season. The runway was red-carpeted with a stretch of about 60 meters where the model would catwalk in their modest ways. Louise Bourgoin, Eva Longoria, and Elle Fanning were among the noteworthy models at the event. The L’Oréal brand ambassador in Paris was in attendance. Other iconic personality present included Marie Bochet- paralympic champion and renowned actor Nikolaj Coster who cast as Jaime Lannister in Game of Thrones.

Diversity in styles and fashion for women was the signature. Val Garland, who is the L’Oréal Paris Global Makeup artist managed to pull 70 hairstyles and faces of makeup during the event. This just sent out a message to the world of how diversity makes us uniquely beautiful. In conjunction with L’Oréal Paris were 12 other fashion and beauty brands who also got a chance to showcase theirs in check clothes collection, jewelry and beauty products. The show received television airtime in over 30 countries while there were big screens where people away from the dais could follow through including passers-by. Nicolas Krafft was also in attendance and was excited about the company’s success

About Nicolas Krafft

He is one of the seasoned business managers at L’Oréal; he is the Vice President of Global Business Development. A role he has carried out diligently ensuring the company develops superior products, market avenues for sale are created, marketing among many other things. Nicolas Krafft joined L’Oréal as a Marketing Director for Kerastase later moved to Asia before being promoted to the position of General Manager five years later in 2009. In 2011, he was appointed as the Deputy General Manager for their plant in Eastern Europe and now is the VP for Global Business Development.

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