The Holiday Party Starter Pack

As we come around to the holiday season, one of the main things everybody seems to be focused on is the holiday party. From the ugly christmas sweater get-togethers, to the family dinner parties, the holiday season is filled with these celebrations. Let’s break down some of the major components of the party, in order to make sure you are as equipped as possible for your upcoming holiday party.


Where’s the invite?


If you do decide to use invitations, be sure they are attractive and creative. Invitations can propel your party-planning to new heights if done with the proper design, idea, and amount of creativeness.


Let’s Decorate


Now we know that the holiday decorations are at the forefront of every holiday party. From stunning christmas trees to wonderfully tied ribbons, decorations breathe life into locations, as they often highlight the elegant mood that is desired amongst partygoers.


Hunger Games


Now what’s a party without food? When it comes to the holiday menu, you want to make sure you have supplied your location with a substantial amount of snacks, appetizers and beverages for those attending. This adds another level of comfort to the party, which is great for all attendes.


Now some of you may be a little overwhelmed by all those topics we just covered, and that is okay, we have a company that may be able to assist you. Twenty Three Layers is among the many botique event planning companies in NYC that specializes in style and creativity when planning events. As a firm that provides services such as floral design, catering and photography, Twenty Three Layers is dedicated and committed to ensuring your event is not only spectacular, but above the top in terms of creativity. Whatever your event needs, Twenty Three Planners is available to do, which is why they are recognized as one of the premier corporate event planners in NYC.

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