Securus Technologies takes fight against illegal cell phones in prison to the next level

Over the last 20 years, the proliferation of handheld cellular devices has posed a unique challenge to the safe operation of the nation’s jails and prisons. Because unauthorized cell phones can be used by well-organized and dangerous gangs to order crimes to be committed on their behalf by gang members who are not currently incarcerated, the total elimination of illegal cell phones from the nation’s carceral facilities has long been a top priority for prison administrators and guards.


You can only incarcerate an individual


One of the huge structural problems that has confronted the nation’s prison system over the last 20 years is the idea that gangs enjoy a sort of immunity from the incapacitation that incarceration brings. While it is possible to completely neutralize the threat that an individual poses by locking them away behind tall walls, razor wire fences and thick Plexiglas, the same cannot be said for gangs and their members.


This is because modern prison gangs are, in themselves, a sort of criminal ant colony. You can isolate one part of it, but other parts will quickly pick up the slack, continuing to carry out the organization’s criminal activities unhindered. The one linchpin in all of this has been the means by which gangs are able to quickly and effectively communicate with their soldiers on the outside of prison. Over the last two decades, this has been carried out almost exclusively through the use of contraband cellular devices.


Securus Technologies has the answer


Because contraband cell phones are used by prison gangs to carry out everything from drug smuggling to intimidation of witnesses to ordering murders on those the gang dislikes, finding a means to completely eliminate the scourge of illegal cell phones throughout the nation’s prisons has been a top priority for prison administrators and security specialists.


Now, Securus Technologies, one of the leading providers of inmate communications services in the country, has rolled out a new device that is capable of doing just that. Known as the Wireless Containment System, this new technology is capable of intercepting nearly 100 percent of communications placed on unauthorized devices within the grounds of a prison. The system can also be used by guards to detect illegal devices, making it many times easier to pinpoint their location and confiscate them.


When a prison attempts to place a call from an unauthorized device in a prison where the WCS system has been deployed, they simply get a message that says that the call could not be completed. With its interception rate of nearly 100 percent, this device is making it nearly impossible for prison gangs to communicate with the outside world, eliminating a key tool these gangs use to continue committing crimes while locked up.


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