Bernardo Chua Makes Earning Easy For ORGANO’s Independent Distributors

In early 2017, Chief Executive Officer Bernardo Chua of ORGANO announced that his company is now a proud member of the Direct Sellers Association of Canada (DSA). “We offer an entrepreneurship opportunity that only the direct selling business model can speak to and have remained focused on upholding exceptional business practices and industry ethics throughout our global markets,” said Chua, who knew from the start that having independent representatives sell his company’s products was the ideal business model. Read more: Organo Gold Review 2012

As a direct selling veteran, he knew that having distributors explain the benefits of Ganoderma mushroom enhanced organic coffee would not only result in more sales, it would give individuals an opportunity to start their own business.

Currently, ORGANO operates in more than 50 countries and in 2016; over 400,000 independent ORGANO distributors enjoyed the income opportunity the company provides.

Organo’s coffees, teas and other Ganoderma-infused products are not sold in retail stores; however, they are available on the company’s website for the retail price or from an independent distributor, whose income from ORGANO’s compensation plan depends on his or her efforts.

Bernado Chua continuously creates new ways for Organo’s distributors to earn more money. In 2015, he started the Preferred Customer Rewards Program, which North American distributors can promote. The program saves customers money if they have coffee auto-shipped to them each month.

Having released the first product in ORGANO’s OGX line of nutritional merchandise in 2016, Bernardo Chua is giving the company’s independent distributors the U.S. and Canada the opportunity to branch out into the weight management sector. OGX FENIX, a whey protein drink with Ganoderma, is the first of ORGANO’s weight management products.

According to PR News Wire, Bernardo Chua, along with Shane Morand and Holton Buggs Jr., established the OG Cares Foundation to support, motivate and mentor at-risk youth.

The foundation’s latest projects include the OG Cares Children’s Resource Center in India, which serves mentally handicapped children and donating food to the House of Mercy Children’s Home in Nigeria.

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  1. In 2015, the National Consumer Affairs Foundation in the Philippines recognized Chua as an Outstanding Global Entrepreneur and ORGANO as the Number One Global Network Marketing Company. This might not as easy for them but rush my papers may have been able to allow this thing to happen swiftly which is not surprising too.

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