The Unique Business of Fabletics

This country is in love with working out and making them beautiful. When people work out, they want to look good while doing it. To achieve their perfect workout look, the buy workout clothes that matches their personality. There is one company that has taken the workout clothing industry by storm. Fabletics is a clothing that sells clothing online. Fabletics is clothing company by actress Kate Hudson. Kate Hudson is doing something great by competing with the all-amazing Amazon. Amazon controls 20% of the fashion market. Fabletics is growing into a $250 million fashion business. The company is becoming the go-to fashion line for the activewear community. Fabletics works as a fashion membership, which makes it convenient for people to buy activewear online. People like Fabletics because the brand is very unique and aspirational.


In the past, a person would label a high-value brand based on quality and price. Now, that has changed. More and more people consider brand recognition, customer experience, exclusive design elements and last mile service as aspects of a high-value brand. Fabletics has all of these aspects. Fabletics has opened 16 physical stores in several locations, including Florida, California, Hawaii, and Illinois.


Fabletics has seen success in a new tactic called reverse showrooming. Reverse showrooming is the process of making browsing for clothes a positive experience. So instead of people browsing offline and buying the same clothes somewhere else, Fabletics builds relationships with their consumers so they will always buy in their stores or on their website. Statistics show that about 50% of people that walk into a Fabletic physical store are already members, which means, they have already purchased Fabletic products in the past and are bound to do so again. Also, studies show that 25% of consumers that browse at a Fabletic store become members while browsing. Fabletics has a unique shopping model. When a member tries on a piece of clothing at a Fabletics store, that piece of clothing automatically goes into their online shopping cart.


Fabletics growth is based on the culture of the company and the customers they serve. They are beating the competition because they are investing in different business strategies. With the physical retail stores and their membership, they are succeeding and are bound to succeed in the future. Fabletics and Kate Hudson strives to give the customer the best shopping experience possible. Fabletics can compete because they have exclusive products and a proven business model.

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  1. The executives of Fabletics believe that offering personalized customer service. They also believe in providing products that are half the price of their competitors. The truthfulness of the matter for is the use of these things to actualize their purpose.

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