IAP Worldwide Careers

IAP Worldwide Services takes this great opportunity to bring their considerable expertise, skill, and knowledge together to form a compound of success that is far higher than several individual experiences combined. The company’s employees have a strong sense of responsibility and level of commitment towards achieving their mission. Therefore, they are the single unmatched company in its industry. Their commitment has placed it as one of the best places to work in the world. According to the Forbes Magazine, IAP Worldwide offers the best environment in the world regarding flexibility and engagement. It is a company that nurtures your career and develops every aspect of professionalism to make you a better citizen in the world. For IAP Worldwide to continue developing solutions to the world, the company is continually seeking the most talented individuals to join the working force.

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IAP Worldwide comprises of men and women of valor. People who are determined to give their all towards achieving a solution. Their teams of dedicated professionals on start.cortera.com are ready to work at any convenience for you. Every member of the crew provides their unique experiences, skills, and knowledge to form one of the most powerful forces to solve problems. According to IAP Worldwide, their groups of dedicated members come from a diverse background with talent and professional skills necessary to work with a diverse range of working conditions. While you work for the company, you will feel a sense of belonging. Your life will have more meaning. A sense of camaraderie, dedication, cooperation, equality, ongoing recognition for a perfectly-done job. At IAP Worldwide, we seek the most dedicated and experienced professionals in areas of Logistics, Engineering, General Management, Construction, Program Management, Operations, Finance/Accounting, and many more specialty areas in the world.

IAP Worldwide empowers their employees with the knowledge and resources necessary to carry out their duties with safety and effectiveness. We contribute to the overall customer management success in the company. IAP Worldwide Services believes that the force behind its success is a team of motivated individuals ready to serve the community with their knowledge and expertise. IAP Worldwide’s Human Resource workers take good care about your success in carrying put your duties to meet the mission statement. They provide high-end customer satisfaction levels.

More information on https://www.iapws.com/.

Securus Technologies Investigator Pro 4.0 helps fight crime

Securus Technologies has always been a leader in provision of solutions that benefit the public. Services made available by the software has improved safety and finding out illegal activities in the correction facilities. Securus Technologies has always strived to ensure public safety through their simple and powerful technology. The company has worked hard to receive several patents and licenses. The whole team is made of designers, engineers and leading technologist that provide technology that is second to none.


The company recently released available positive comments that it has received in the past year. In one situation, the recorded voice enabled one to overhear another conversation between two siblings not talking directly through the callers. The siblings were discussing about a recent shooting and were arguing with what to say when asked about it. The conversation played a huge role in trying to solve the case. The Investigator Pro software comes with an LBS feature. These and other resources provided by the company has assisted investigators recover millions of illegal money, drugs, and assets. Without the software, there is no doubt that it would have been impossible to uncover such items.


The Investigator Pro 4.0 is a software which has assisted investigators analyze and sample out a particular voice. The company has gone forth in differentiating distinct voices in a phone call. While most of the calls are directed to family members for inmates to stay in touch with their family, other calls involve calls made by gang members to trying coordinating criminal activities. In certain situations, a gang member could reveal information that is useful in solving certain crimes.