Mike Baur on Going the Extra Mile

Mike Baur, the Co-Founder and managing partner of the Swiss Startup Factory has some awesome tips for startups, and these tips don’t come without requiring you to think about how you do business. You can have many great ideas and you can even have innovative ideas for products and services, but ultimately without a good team you won’t get very far. This is one of the main things Baur focuses on a recent episode of Mind Cast TV. His interview with Pascal Kocher, Baur shares his insights into why many startups fail and why others succeed.


One of the things Baur hones in on early in the episode is about “going the extra mile“. He talks about being ready for surprises along the way and just being prepared. Additionally, he knows that some startups have team members that don’t understand what it takes to be really successful. He says that many individuals don’t understand that they just can’t on vacation once they have started their business. It takes absolute dedication and commitment for a business to be started and to grow to fruition.


There are numerous ways to ensure that your business is a success, but going the extra mile is really important. Creating a product is great but you’ll need sales. If you have created something great but it doesn’t sell then it makes no sense for you to be in business with this product. This is why the very earliest stages of a startup need not to miss out on the coaching and mentoring that they can get from the SSUF. Going through every step of the journey from day one is so important and vital for your success.


Adapting to the market changes is also important, and some individuals aren’t willing to adapt or to ride the waves when things don’t look so great. Those who are most successful won’t give up so easily and they are more likely to press on and focus on ways to get better every single day. Startups are always going to learn things along the way, but there are ways to minimize the pain that come with major mistakes by just avoiding them.


Mike Baur has more than 20 years of experience in banking, and as an entrepreneur he knows how to build successful partnerships from the inside out. Baur has carefully chosen the right individuals to work with to make the SSUF a huge success, and he is just steps away from building some of the most successful startups in the fintech industry.


Trolls Attack Marion Cotillard’s Wikipedia Page With Devastating Results

Wikipedia is a powerhouse. Millions of people use the website from all over the world which drives up search results in Internet search result algorithms. When you type in anybody’s name, you are likely to find a Wikipedia page at the top of the search results. And despite the fact that Wikipedia is user generated much like social media content, the vast majority of people trust Wikipedia as they would trust an encyclopedia. Essentially, any information about you or a celebrity that appears when someone decides to make a Wikipedia page is taken as truth of the general public. Meanwhile, any information found in a social media website is taken as opinion rather than truth. In the end, if you want to win the information work, you want to control and update a Wikipedia page about yourself.

For evidence of this, you do not have to look any further than the case of Marion Cotillard. Ms Marion is a 40-year-old French actress famous for being in such movies as Inception. The beautiful French actress is currently costarring with Brad Pitt on a movie to be released very soon called Allied, a World War II action movie. Cotillard plays the beautiful wife of Brad Pitt in the movie and the two are successful Nazi assassins during the war. But after the war, they retire to England where Brad Pitt is given troubling news from the English government — his wife is a double agent.

But more drama seem to have been unfolding on the set of the movie. People on the set remarked that Brad Pitt and the French actress were having an affair unbeknownst to Angelina Jolie. There were also rumors that Brad Pitt got caught up in the party scene while on set in England, but it’s the affair that caught the Internet’s imagination. And that’s where talented Internet hackers took over the French actresses Wikipedia page.

The Wiki edits to or paid were subtle yet profound. One of the tweaks managed to list her occupation as a cheater. And of course this means millions of people from around the globe were getting this information and taking it as truth.

To defend yourself from this you can hire professional Wikipedia writers from a services such as Get Your Wiki. After all, you cannot change the information on your own Wikipedia page. They can also look over your Wikipedia page, making sure nobody changes any information like they have done with Marion Cotillard. In the end, you can win the information war with Wikipedia editors you can trust by your side.

Securus Video Visitation Brings Families Together

Having a loved one incarcerated is emotionally challenging for a whole family. It can be a real struggle to keep in touch. We are so used to instant texting and chatting that driving to the correctional facility and waiting in line can quickly become overwhelming. Children are particularly likely to become distant and disconnected with an incarcerated parent. They don’t have the patience or often the ability to even go to the correctional facility.

Consequences of Losing Touch

Separation due to incarceration is very difficult for children. They may wonder if their parent loves them and may struggle to process how to have a relationship with someone they never see. Often children in this situation struggle in school and other relationships. Separation from family can be demotivating to inmates as well. They may wish to be more involved in their children’s lives but not have the ability to communicate as much as they would like.

Communication is Key

A recent Securus Technologies video on Vimeo provides a solution to this problem. In the video, a father and daughter are video chatting. It is clear that he is incarnated and she is in her house. She shows him her math homework and they talk about it together. More than just a homework session, she tells him what she wants to be when she grows up and he encourages her. He asks what college she wants to go to and expresses his belief in her ability and potential. The daughter is smiling and engaged, clearly, she has a relationship with her father, partly because of this video connection. It is clear from the video that the father is motivated by talking about the future and all the things his daughter can do. She, in turn, tells him he could go to college too and he agrees. This video chat session has allowed both of them to share a moment encouraging each other.

Securus has been providing communication technologies to correctional facilities for years. They have a proven track record of providing excellent products to law enforcement. They provide Video Visitation like the one shown in the video, where people can connect via a phone or tablet with their loved one in prison.

Bringing Families Together

Video Visitation is a great way to build bonds between children and a parent who is incarcerated. It can allow both parties to connect in a natural way without the atmosphere of a correctional facility making a child nervous. Doing homework with your child is a quintessential part of parenting and now the distance of incarceration doesn’t have to mean a parent misses out on watching their child grow.

Securus Video Visitation – Homework from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.